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Winning Ways to Keep the Weight Off After a Successful Weight Loss Journey

Posted Oct 18 2009 4:36am
Losing weight is only half the battle – you have to keep it off too! Once you have achieved your desired weight, there are a number of maintenance techniques to employ to ensure that you keep the weight off. No one is perfect so you can expect some variances on the scale. It is important to note too that achieving that desired weight does not give you permission to slip back into unhealthy habits. You need a few winning ways to keep the weight off after your successful weight loss journey.

stay fit

1. Kick daily weigh in to the curb and only weigh once a week. Weighing once a week should be enough to reign in your tendency to slide backwards into bad eating habits without creating any anxious feelings about gaining and losing the same ½ pound over and over.

2. Do not skip any meals during the day. You have worked hard to rev up your metabolism enough to help you shed and maintain your weight. By skipping a meal, you allow your metabolism to slow down, which in turn, means that you will end up overeating at some point along the way because you are hungry. Of course, that overeating session is likely going to be with food that is not as healthy as you need.

3. Mix up your diet to keep things interesting. Nutrients can be found in a variety of foods so do what you can to mix them up. Many people have gained some weight back simply because they get tired of the same old foods. Use plenty of spices and fresh herbs to punch things up a bit. Look to ethnic cuisines for some variety.

4. Plan your menus. Always make sure you have whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean protein represented. You can get your protein from other sources besides white meat chicken and turkey. Consider going vegetarian for some meals with beans and brown rice or a scrambled egg omelet. Pork tenderloin and fish are additional lean protein choices.

5. Incorporating some type of physical activity every day is important to keep the weight off after a successful weight loss. Even if you have a day packed full of meetings and chauffeuring kids, you can park farther away and walk to your destination, take the stairs instead of the elevator, do lunges and toe touches while standing in line or even take several five minute breaks throughout the day and do push-ups against a wall or even your desk. Every little bit of physical activity adds up.

6. Keep a food and exercise journal. If you find yourself gaining a few pounds and are unsure how it is happening, keeping a food and exercise journal can help you identify the culprits. Sometimes it is as simple as eliminating the sugary drinks you drank to keep awake at work or changing your workout routine because you have reached a calorie-burning plateau.

7. Give yourself permission to cheat every once in a while. Many people will tell you that if you totally deny yourself of a treat, when you eventually cave, you end up eating way more than you would have than if you just gave in. Indulge in that cheese cake or French fries. Giving yourself permission to surrender to those indulgent cravings every once in a while, you won’t feel guilty for doing so. Plus, you are likely to eat far less than if you “snuck” it.

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