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Why The Best Diet For Weight Loss Doesn’t Mean Losing Anything At All

Posted Aug 22 2010 1:09am

Why is it that everything to do with dieting seems to be negative? When we hunt for the best diet for weight loss, the dieting industry makes positive sounds like, “look fabulous”, and “think how great you would feel if you lost those excess pounds” … but the fact is the whole focus is on negatives. “Lose weight” is the message, and who wants their life (and mealtimes) to revolve around a sense of loss?

Instead of looking for the best diet for weight loss, wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on finding the best diet for energy, health, a clear mind? If you were eating to feel fantastic, wouldn’t that be more appealing than feeling that we’re denying ourselves something that we would really, really enjoy?

If you’re overweight, there are always reasons why – and those reasons can be very different from one person to the next. The best diet for weight loss for each person is likely to be just as varied as the reasons they’re overweight. For some people, being overweight is strongly linked to their psychological state, which may lead to overeating, or comfort eating. This can sometimes be a subconscious way of building ourselves up, making ourselves big enough to deal with the problems or responsibilities we’re shouldering.

Instead of trying to make ourselves big and powerful in order to deal with life’s difficulties, we could aim to give ourselves abundant energy and zest for life. That would really help us to deal well with the challenges of life. Rather than seeking the best diet for weight loss, let’s look for the best diet for health!

So you may have a few issues. Or even lots of issues! Counseling might help, or some life coaching to help you plan and achieve the life you really want. But with or without these measures, and whether or not you’re in a difficult place psychologically, you need the best possible fuel to energies you and transport you into the mental and physical state you want to be in. And that fuel comes in the form of food – the food that works really well for you; for your genetic makeup; for your current psychological state; for your physical environment.

The fact is that the best diet for weight loss is one that makes your body feel good; that fills you with vital energy; that you can enjoy with all your senses; that leaves you feeling pampered and satisfied, but mentally sharp and focused. It’s a diet that gives, rather than takes away. And you’ll recognize it by your body’s reaction to it. There are ways of discovering what unique balance of nutrients you need, and a good nutritionist should be able to help you find your own unique metabolic type. But you can do a lot of the work yourself simply by tuning in to what your body tells you after eating certain foods. Amazingly enough, it already knows what is your best diet for feeling fantastic, and weight loss will come naturally as a result. When you eat certain foods, carefully observe what happens in the hours afterwards. Do you feel energized or sluggish? Do you feel satisfied, or crave more? Do you feel mentally sharp or woolly headed? The signals are all there for you to read if you begin to trust yourself rather than listening to all the conflicting advice out there about low carb, or low fat, or high complex carbohydrates, or vegetarian or vegan…

So in reality, the best weight loss diet for you doesn’t mean losing anything at all – it means gaining an insight into what your body needs, and gaining all the energy and vitality you could wish for!

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