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Why Suffer The Pain When You Can Naturally Cure Gout Forever

Posted Jul 19 2009 3:16pm
I always thought that gout was a medieval disease. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) however, here in the U.S. alone approximately 2.1 million people are affected. It seems to be more common in men over 40, and women after menopause, but rarely in children and young adults. Although with the increase of obesity in this country, those statistics are changing. Other conditions that will increase the risk of getting gout are, diabetes, kidney disease, and sickle cell anemia.
Gout is caused by the buildup of uric acid in the joints. It almost never attacks more than one joint at a time, and usually that is the first joint of the big toe or the ankle. It is caused when your liver is producing more uric acid than the body can excrete in the urine, or the kidneys can filter from the blood. This can be due to a diet high in rich foods, such as red meat, cream sauces, and scallops to name a few. (For the complete list look up foods that contains purine). Drinking alcohol excessively will multiply your odds as well. Also, a more than normal exposure to lead can increase the risk for developing gout. Of course, there are medications that may prevent the body from removing the uric acid as well. Check with your pharmacist if the symptoms occurred after a change of medication.

 As far as medicine goes, of course there is an abundance of drugs that will treat your gout, but how many will actually cure it?
The thing that really gets me upset, are the profits the drug companies make without a thought of getting to the crux of the problem. They use government funding, not to find cures, but to get us addicted to relief medicine. If you don’t believe me, just stop taking one of their miracle drugs. Your symptoms will return, make no mistake about it. I believe that the pharmaceutical companies have overstepped their boundaries in the last few years. Lately one can’t go an hour watching TV without seeing one of their commercials. Some comedians have pointed out, and I feel justifiably, that these companies are making up symptoms to fit their medicine. So if you believe as I do, that we can, in many cases, with the help of nature find ways to cure ourselves, Lisa’s story might interest you.

Lisa McDowell was just a normal wife of a man who had been suffering with gout for a long time. She challenged the uncaring drug companies and made a shocking discovery that cured her husband once and for all. Her  initial research took place many years ago now, and because of what she found she has been working with gout ever since. She is now recognized as a leading expert in naturally overcoming gout with over 20,000 people that can attest to it. If you want to find out more please go to:

My RecomMANNdations

You can find this and many more Natural Cures. Naturally cure  acid reflux, constipation, lower blood pressure, and more. The pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know, but I do.



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