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Why staying late at work could make you depressed

Posted Oct 29 2008 4:12am

insomnia Why staying late at work could make you depressed Are you the first to arrive at the office and the last to leave? If so, that sort of dedication may not be putting you onto the fast track for promotion, but the slippery road to anxiety and depression.

According to the latest research from Norway, workers who clock up the overtime are at an increased risk of becoming anxious and depressed and the more hours you rack up, the higher the risk becomes.

Over 10,000 Norwegian men and women were questioned on their working habits with 90% found to work 40 hours a week or less. The remainder were working anywhere from 41-100 hours a week.

Of those participants working a 40 hour or less week, women scored a 7% ‘possible depression’ score with men scoring 9%. In the group clocking up a 40 hour plus working week, that figure increased to 11% for women and 12.5% for men. And those punching in 49-100 hours were found to be the most likely to experience depression and anxiety.

The study also discovered that anxiety and depression was more prevalent in lower income and less skilled workers. Overtime also tended to occur when people had a low level of education. Due to the results, researchers were unable to determine if overtime itself was the cause of the anxiety and depressive episodes or if other factors influenced the problem.

Previous research has determined that sickness, injury, fatigue and stress have all been linked to overtime and as such the European Union allowed workers the right to refuse working beyond 48 hours per week.

Anxiety and depression from work related problems can cause serious health problems as well as making life difficult in your home life. Reduce the stresses and strains of modern life with alternative medicine stress relieving techniques.


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