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Why Do Women Use Night Makeup

Posted Feb 12 2010 4:40pm

Many people who do not wear makeupor haven’t had enough experience with makeupdon’t realize that there are actually two different types of makeup that are worn during a twenty-four hour period. There is makeup intended for the daytimeand night makeup. Sowhy do women use night makeup?

The Difference between Day Makeup and Night Makeup

There is a huge difference between makeup that is used for daytime and night. You may use the same types of makeupand the same brandsbut the intensity will be different. Some people mistake ‘intensity’ for ‘heavy and this isn’t the case. Heavy makeup looks bad in the light and the dark.

When we talk about the intensity of the makeupwhat we are really talking about is the coloring of the makeup. More intense colors are used at nightthen in the daytime. These same colors will look awful when seen in natural light. The actual colors that each woman uses will vary because certain colors look better on some women than they do on others. This usually pertains to the tone of the skinthe color of the hairand even the hairstyle that they’ve chosen or the shape of their face.

The Effect of Light and a Need for Night Makeup

Women use night makeup because there is no natural lighting at night. Light plays a huge role in how the makeup appears on the face. Natural light will often bring attention to every line of the facewhile night makeup won’t.

Natural light combined with intense colors used in makeup hardly ever work well together. The intensity of the color makes wrinklesblemishesscarsand other imperfections stand out even more when seen in natural lightand the makeup simply makes the face look almost ‘clownish.’

On the other handthe lack of natural light at night makes it necessary to use more intense colors to bring out the positive features of the faceand although the colors are more intensethe makeup doesn’t make the woman look ‘overdone.’ Without these intense colorsthe face may have a ‘washed out’ appearance in artificial lightingin dim lightingor in darkness.

Turning Daytime Makeup to Night Makeup

Daytime makeup can be turned into night makeupif it is used correctly. Although makeup should never be overly heavythere are certain types of makeup that can be used more to increase the intensity. For exampleinstead of using a light line of eyelineruse a line that is a bit wider. Instead of just touching the eyelashes with mascara on the tipsdo the full lash. You can also change the way that the makeup is appliedin terms of positioningto get an entirely different effect for night – for exampleyou can change where you apply blush to the cheeks.

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