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Why Do Indians “Smell Bad?”

Posted Apr 02 2010 9:08pm 1 Comment

Because of a few unpleasant experiences with Indians that some non-Indians have had, the rumors or myth that Indians smell bad have circulated, and unfortunately, what goes in the mind often controls the smell that goes into the nose as well.

Why Do Indians Smell Bad

Indians Do Not Smell Any Worse than Anyone Else

The truth is that Indians do not smell any worse than anyone else in any other culture. We’ve all come across people who smell bad, but it has nothing to do with their culture. Instead, it has to do with their hygiene habits, their living conditions, the foods that they eat, or the chemistry makeup in their body. It may also have to do with an addiction.

To say that all Indians smell bad is much the same as saying that all Muslims must be terrorists. If you were to believe that, then you must also be forced to believe that if you come across a white person who doesn’t pay their bills, then all white people do not pay their bills. To think that all Indians smell bad is prejudicial thought, at best.

Why Some People Think Indians Smell Bad

Some Indians smell bad – just as people from other cultures smell different – due to their diets. Indian food contains a great deal of curry, and this causes a distinct odor that some people do not care for. The same could be said of cultures that eat a lot of garlic, such as Italians. Foods such as this can cause the skin to have the smell of the food that is consumed.

Indians also have different sweat glands than people whose ancestors do not come from desert country. Just as Alaskan Indians sweat less, because of their cold heritage, Indians that originate from desert areas sweat more. Also, in terms of Indians who are still in their originating countries, it is important to note that many areas of those countries are not fully developed to provide for adequate hygiene. This is also true for parts of Alaska.

What Indians Can Do To Quell This Myth

Unfortunately, actions speak louder than words in our world, but only in some cases. For example, if you have a closed mind, you might think that all Indians smell bad without having ever experienced a smelly Indian yourself. In this case, the words are louder than the action. You need to reverse this train of thought if you are an Indian, but in the long run, you really can’t do much about what prejudiced people are going to think or say.

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This article seems to be a blind defensive attempt to change the facts. Do all Indians smell bad? Not at all. But in general terms, do Indians smell bad? Absolutely! Indians have a distinct diet that contains a lot of curry and spices and is often very spicy (hot). This is the direct result for thier body smell. If you have actually been India, you would have noticed, in fact it would have hit you right in the face that the concept of hygiene in India is very different to that in other countries. And the main influence behind the lack of hygiene is poverty. But that does not change the fact that the Indian smell issue is not a myth nor is it a rumor.
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