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Why Consider Chiropractic Services for Treating Numbness in Limbs?

Posted Jul 25 2012 12:18pm

Numbness in limbs manifests as a sensation of loss of feelings in the arms, legs and feet, accompanied by tingling, prickling, as well as pins-and-needles sensations, and this can be treated naturally through chiropractic treatments. In the hands, numbness may be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a compression of the median nerve that travels to the arms, hands and the fingers. Through chiropractic services, mechanical manipulations on the body are done to eliminate the numbness and any possible pain that may be experienced.

On the legs, numbness may occur due to improper communication between nerves and the central nervous system as well as blood shortage in the foot. Low back injury may also lead to numbness or tingling down the back to the leg. A common condition called sciatica is associated with leg numbness and it presents with a dull, sharp and burning pain often affecting one side of the body.

Doctors offering chiropractic services examine and treat people with health problems that are associated with body’s musculoskeletal and nervous systems, such as the spinal cord. Skeletal imbalances through joint or articular dysfunctions can cause pain on the limbs. Chiropractors provide natural, drugless and non-surgical treatments to get rid of the pain and numbness of the limbs.

A chiropractic doctor applies natural methods of healthcare practices and focuses mainly on correcting the problems of the musculoskeletal structure, allowing the body to inherently recuperate on its own. This holistic limb numbness treatment method ensures that a patient's health is improved by optimizing the functioning of nervous system.

With chiropractic physical therapy, a patient eliminates the use of drugs in treatment of numbness and pain and rejuvenates the nervous and skeletal systems of the body to provide self-healing, thus avoiding the use of addictive medications and offering a non-invasive and safe treatment.

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