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why am i gaining so many inches right around my waist -is it due to perimenopause & what can i do about it - seems nothing works

Posted by Trish

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It could be, but it could be other metabolic issues.  More information is needed about your case in order to determine the cause.  When you say, 'seems nothing works', what does that mean?  What have you been trying?

Barring any medical conditions you may have (I'm assuming you don't since you don't mention any) best suggestion is to ask your doctor for a blood test to determine your thyroid levels (usually by checking the liver enzymes) - whether it's hyper or hypothyroidism - which affects your metabolism.  Take notice of any changes in your diet, stress levels and lifestyle - proper nutrition and sleep is vital as you get older.

Above all, be an active partner with your licensed medical practitioner and communicate your concerns.  Make sure you have a doctor who pays attention to your health as a whole person and really listens you.  Especially one who is open to alternative medicine and herbal supplementation.

Take care and be well.

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