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  Who is the most influential pe...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:22pm
Who is the most influential person in your life

Hi Lydia,

Do you have any idea who the most influential person in your life may be?  Who had more to do with who you are today than anyone else?

Give it a shot...

Mother?  Father?

Think... a coach, a best friend, worst enemy, significant other?

C'mon... There are dozens, maybe hundreds of people who have great influence over you during your life.

A teacher, a professor, a boss, a co-worker, a neighbor, a spouse, a child, a cousin...

Hmmmm... a customer, a client, a "hero" you admire from afar, a pastor/religious leader, an athlete, big brother or sister, parent of a friend...

The list could probably go on for many pages with all the people who have touched your life in both big and small ways.

It's that way with all of us.  

It's true that no one can make a truly GREAT success of themselves without the help and support of many other people.

But one of the great ironies of life is that while you need many other people to rise to great heights... can fail perfectly well all by yourself.

In fact, that is sadly what the average person's life is.

Yeah, if you were to randomly pick any person out in any size crowd in any city in any country and you will find a person whose life is not just filled with tragedy (everyone has their own "sad" story, no matter how high they've risen), but you'll see a person who suffers greatly for every setback, delay or failure.

Failures happen to everyone... even those "gurus" that want you to believe their lives are perfect.

But what is out of the ordinary is if that randomly chosen person has left their tragedies and their less than desirable circumstances totally in the dust.

What is rare is the person who wakes up each day, aching to get started and who revels in even their biggest daily challenges, who stretches themselves, who feels STRONGER as they are being pushed, not weaker.

What is rarer yet is the person who sees every single day of their lives as an honest to goodness opportunity to grow bigger, better, stronger, richer, healthier, happier... matter what unforeseen "out of their control" events happened.

That is just idealistic bull that to the "average" person.

To the average person it's a lie... it doesn't exist...

Because it doesn't exist for them... and anyone who says it does is a liar.

The average person feels this way because they never learn how to properly communicate with themselves.  

Average people never learn how to get past their adversities, choosing (yes, I said choosing) to hang onto them... choosing to believe in the limits other people want for them, choosing to
believe that their mistakes, errors, setbacks, delays and failures are a sign from the Gods that they are doomed to mediocrity and suffering.

Too bad...

Because you see, the most influential person in your life is you.

No one else.  You.

Listen, look at the people who head large corporations or large organizations of any type... think of the people who are the absolute best at any skill that takes years to perfect... look
at people who have the most close friendships... look at the best actors, the richest TV personalities, the best athletes, the best preachers, the most physically fit and healthy, the
best salespeople, the most organized, the best leaders, the deep-down happiest people (who don't take any happy pills), the best at whatever it is they do, even if they are janitors whose job is to clean up the messes of others...

All those "bests" have one thing only in common...

That one thing is that some how, some way they have learned to communicate with themselves in such a way that allows them to be awesome in every way no matter what is going wrong around them.

They have learned to mentally and emotionally release the crap, cling to the good and always have hope even when no one else does. 
Because destructive emotions and actions have only one source... destructive communications with yourself...

Those are the pictures, words, sounds and feelings YOU put in your mind.

No one else is inside your head talking to you... talking you into and out of accomplishment and happiness.

Every person who has risen up from their rotten circumstances to shine brightly has done so by overcoming enormous, staggering odds.

Conversely, every person who falls down and stays down (even if they've had every advantage) did so because they tell themselves that this is what their fate is... that it's impossible to be any different.

"Average" Joe has limited opportunities NOT because of others, but because of himself.

"Successful, Effective, Happy" Joe has constantly growing opportunities and grows right along with them also not because of others, but because of himself.

Because, remember, while you absolutely DO need others on your road to creating a great life filled with accomplishment and  love, YOU NEED YOURSELF EVEN MORE.

You are the key...

You are the most influential person in your life...

If you learn the most empowering ways to communicate with yourself every waking hour and learn how to talk yourself into feeling fantastic, you will feel fantastic... even if 99% of
humanity would be wilting.

If you learn how the "best" use their minds to happily achieve their amazing feats of accomplishment with energy to spare, you will be able to do the same...


Mike Brescia

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