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When Vices are Good

Posted Oct 17 2008 9:14pm
I was grocery shopping the other day and saw an elderly lady in a motorized shopping cart. She had on an oxygen tank and her hands and fingers were twisted with arthritis. There is an assisted living home near this store and it provides a bus to the store twice a week.

Her small cart had a case of coke, cookies and shampoo. My first thought was that the coke was the worst thing she could do for her arthritis. Sugar is the primary food for inflammation and the whole food of cancer tumors.

I was talking to my husband about the incident later that day. His response was that the woman was old and probably close to the end of her life and why should she not have the things she wanted that made her day a little brighter.

I know people that live with an oxygen tank in constant use --- except when they light up that cigarette.

What do you think? At what point do we "allow" family and friends to enjoy their vices.

Did I tell you about the newest research that proves that living a healthy life style - diet , moderate exercise and stress control, leads to a longer healthier life. Gee, wonder how much money was spent on that study.

Received an ad in the mail. Cure all - electrically charged supplements. At $60.00 a bottle I certainly hope they work. The ingredients were all pretty common and found in most supplement combinations at a much lower cost but these were electrically charged. The colon cleanse formula had so many laxative action herbals that you would definitely have a colon cleanse. However, the recommendation was that you take this everyday for 30 days. If you did so, you would have some serious problems.

If you are going to clean out your colon (this really is a good thing) then you need to take some probiotics to replace the good bacteria or you are not going to get much nutrition from your food.

If you are going to take a laxative every day for 30 days you are going to pretty much do away with the natural action of your bowel and you will certainly have problems after you stop taking the pills.

Then there is the foot detox pads. What a disappointment.
An NPR experiment on Kinoki foot pads tested to see if they'd drawn anything out of a reporter's body.

Reporter Sarah Varney and her husband bought some “detoxifying” Kinoki foot pads and wore them to bed. In the morning, they both awoke find the pads covered in the brown mess that the advertisement had promised. But when they took the foot pads to a lab and had them analyzed and compared with unused pads, the used pads were almost identical to the blank.

Further experimentation showed that the “gunk” in the pads shows up if you hold the pad over a pot of boiling water. Who knew steam had "metabolic waste"?

The experts I read all say the same thing. Clean up your lifestyle before you go into any detox program. You really don't want to permanently damage your liver when you are trying to clean up your body.

First go with the common sense approach. Drink distilled water instead of the colas. No more sugar. Move your body every day --- walk and use free weights or drag out that bowflex and actually use it. Change up the ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils. 3 is good 6 is bad. Take a supplement of Milk Thistle to help your liver because just these few simple changes will start the detox process which includes losing a few pounds of pure toxic fat.

Oh, I posted an article with a list of the so called negative calorie foods.

until next time - smile
Sharon Issues Diet and Exercise

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