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When Is the Flu Not the Flu

Posted Feb 03 2009 10:55pm

Both me and my husband were out sick last week. My illness was about two days after me, so I know he brought it home.

We were both inclined to think it was the flu. When is the flu not the flu? When it is a nasty cold. I think there are a couple good points to take away here.

1. Colds can be serious.
Colds can knock you down just like the flu–and they can linger.

2. Cold symptoms, while similar, are very different.
You can feel miserable with both. You can have a low grade fever with both. If you’re not having the body aches and chills though, chances are it is a cold.

3. Vitamin C isn’t going to cure your cold.
Viruses have to run their course. That’s why you don’t get antibotics for cold symptoms. According to WebMD, 60 years of study has failed to establish conclusive proof that mega doses of vitamin C wipe out cold.

4. My best treatment came from my cat.
My cat, Sophie, enjoyed having me around last week, taking every opportunity to cuddle. When I would get restless and try to get on the computer, she’d cry and fuss until I got back on the couch with her. Rest. Rest. Rest. A cat had to tell me that.

If you do come down with a cold or flu this season, take off from work (your co-workers will thank you), brew up some tea, get on the couch, and enjoy some movies on TCM. You’ll be glad you did.

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