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When do you drink water?

Posted Jul 27 2009 11:41pm
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

It's summer, and humidity is rising. What are you drinking throughout the day to stay hydrated?
A beer?
Iced tea or lemonade?
Beer does taste refreshing on a hot day, but it has alcohol in it which dehydrates you faster. Soda and any other sugary beverage like that aren't really quenching your thirst.
Let's try some water! More people are hospitalized due to complications to dehydration or heat stroke just because they didn't drink enough water.
Water makes your joints feel better, and even helps your quick witted thoughts. We are mostly made up of water - not sugar or alcohol - but water.
The more water we consume, the more efficient our organs will work; our skin also has more of a clear complexion too.
Don't just drink when you feel thirsty, because when we feel thirsty that usually indicates the first signs of dehydration.
On glorious hot days I visit a very nice public pool in Saratoga Springs, and I see many well-educated people sipping on alcoholic beverages at their lounge chairs. Alcohol and pools really don't mix. It may look romantic and cool, but it's not very healthy. You'd be setting yourself up to drown if you continue to drink alcohol and hang around or in a pool.
What's wrong with sipping on water and a lemonade? Save the beer for home when you are more apt to relax and not have to drive anywhere.
It's our society that accepts and promotes alcohol in public places like a pool. Why do they do it? Because it fits the 'cool' profile for a fun and relaxing day.
But what about maintaining proper hydration? Isn't this cool? Isn't lounging at a pool cool enough?
On a golf course, there are some water coolers throughout the course to refill bottles. Sometimes, there should be more water coolers spread throughout the course. It gets very hot when playing golf - especially when temperatures exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
Any public outdoor sports should have water coolers. If we pay the money to play the sport, then there should be water available. Sometimes the one container we bring isn't enough. We need a refill eventually.
The more water is promoted and accepted in public places like this, the less we will see problems arise like heat stroke and dehydration.
Children and older folks are two groups of people who can dehydrate quickly. They require more water consumption more frequently. Children need to be prompted to drink water more often because they only drink when extremely thirsty.
Let's promote our water drinking at these public areas with our water bottles in our hands.
Hmmm....I don't know about you, but I'm thirsty for some water now.
Drink up world, and smile for your health!
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