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What's up with this Pig Virus?

Posted Sep 14 2009 10:12pm
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

There are so many people out there who are freaked out by any signs of the flu. They are convinced, thanks to the media, that this new flu (Swine Flu) is a death sentence. Actually, the swine flu isn't the's the negative publicity for it that is the death of us. Living in fear of life and the world is not a good way to live.

We have to begin to think for ourselves and run our own lives - and not think the media is the gospel. Vaccinations are not the only way to prevent a flu. In fact, in some cases, people get sicker with vaccinations.

What are ways to prevent from getting the flu?
  • wash hands with soap and water
  • eat more veggies and fruit
  • get more physical activity in your daily lifestyle practices (not necessarily exercise)
  • get more sleep at night
  • adjust your schedule to the season (don't do as much as you would in the summer)
Actually, the latter on the list is the number one reason most people get sick. They continue their summer schedules of constantly pushing and doing and don't make room for any rest and sleep. Fall and winter time is a time to alter our routines.
People don't know enough to take a minute for themselves anymore. It's a very push-push world. Learn to chill out and not constantly be on the go, especially on those cold winter nights!!

The anti-bacterial gel is more detrimental than helpful. The more you use it, the more those bacteria bugs actually LIKE it! They become resistant to it. I'd advise you to cut back on the gel.

In your daily grind, do more physical activity around the office or work environment. Stretching out muscles and walking around will help your body and strengthen its defenses. The over exercising at gyms may be more harmful because after sweating from strenuous workouts and opening our pores from that plus a sauna or a hot shower - then going outside to the colder air is the perfect prescription for getting sick! So watch out for that.

Words of warning: Be wary of the hype that the media is trying to dish out. Don't live in fear because that fear will be your downfall. Acclimate your body to the new season, and that means eating with the season too, with the different fruit and veggies too.

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