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What kind of acupuncture practitioner do you prefer?

Posted by Nirmala N.

From what I've seen, there are generally two kinds of acupuncture practitioners--those who practice in a more clinical environment with lab coats and everything, and those who seek to foster a more holistic, relaxed environment (these folks generally also tend to be CMTs, while the first variety sees their work as more medical than anything else)? I think that both have their benefits--what about you?
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I would love to have one who did the aromatherapy, new agey music, etc, but who could also discuss things in a clinical fashion. I did have a practitioner many eons ago in southern California who was like that. I liked that he did a thorough medical background and discussed treatments my western medical professionals were doing, yet the environment was more like going to a spa (very relaxing).
After 6 1/2 years in practice, I have found a balance that works for my patients. My clinic is a bungalow style house so it feels like a spa and is very relaxing, but I present Chinese Medicine in a way that is spoken in western terms. I am even willing to communicate with the patient's M.D. should he/she request it. I call it an integrative approach and it totally works. By the way, I'm on Larchmont Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Hi Nirmala N.,

Personally, my ideal is to have both traits in the same acupuncturist.  I've had a few over the years and the one I enjoyed best was a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor who was conducting research at the National Institutes of Health CCAM (Complementary Care and Alternative Medicine) while also giving weekly tai chi classes at the NCI (National Cancer Institute).  She worked at several private clinics in Maryland as well. 

But her experience as a tai chi instructor teaching cancer patients at NIH is where I  think she was truly at her best - discussing their individual medical treatments and offering tips on accupressure techniques while in a very relaxing atmosphere in class - all of which she carried over into private practice.  As a class attendee as well as a patient, both at the NIH NCI and at one of the private clinics, I was inspired by how she was so well admired by both client and fellow doctor. 

She continues to be my role model as a Reiki practitioner in the way I conduct myself with clients. 

Take care,


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