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what is the best herbs to kill herpes and its virus?

Posted by jayann

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It depends on your situation...there are several different patterns in Traditional Chinese Medicine which manifest as "herpes".   Find a qualified, experienced herbalist and they can probably help.

There are a wide variety of natural remedies which may assist in strengthening the immune function and reducing outbreaks.  First boost the immune function with foods rich in antioxidants.  Reducing stress levels is helpful in reducing outbreaks.

Echinacea teas or tinctures can be taken daily for 3 months, and whenever you're prone to outbreak after.   

Pau d'arco tincture or tea. It also comes in tablets, but I suggest liquids. 

In addition to teas and tinctures, there are many other remedies -- pastes, salves, bath blends -- but I need specifics to make recommendations.  

Meditation, yoga, exercise, proper rest, focused rhythmic breathing also assist with stress reduction. 

Also, oral L-Lysine combined with Vitamin C is one of the best for HSV-1 and HSV-2. 

Am I way off base to posit that nothing "kills" the herpes virus, certainly no conventional medicine, let alone herbs.  It's a matter of managing symptoms, is it not?

As a point of clarification, nothing was mentioned about 'killing' the virus, Craig.  As with any virus, it's all about strengthening immune function and reducing stress levels.  

"Pharms" (pharmaceuticals) are designed to manage symptoms.  "Farms" (herbs, foods, etc.) nourish and strengthen body functions.

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