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what is the best essential oil/ remedy for someone who is suffering with endometriosis and ovarian cysts? Only 32 years old, 1

Posted by shells

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Hi Shells,

Many women have experienced great relief using a tampon retention and compress method with certain essential oils. A colon cleanse is helpful to rid the body of built up intestinal plaque and aid digestion which is crucial for proper hormone/organ function.

 It is VERY important that you use pure, therapeutic grade essential oils which are safe for internal use and ONLY organic 100% cotton tampons. Most essential oils that you would pick up in your health food store are NOT pure enough or labeled for internal use. I have been using Young Living's essential oils for almost ten years both personally and professionally in my wellness studio for women. Click on the links below for information about each oil. You may order these oils at retail Customer, preferred Customer, or wholesale prices (24% off Customer price shown) from my Oils For Wellness website. Let me know if you have any questions! :)

 Below are some blends with essential oils useful for ovarian cysts.

Female Cyst/ Endo blend # 1

9 drops Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil Supplement

5 drops Young Living Clary Sage Essential Oil Supplement

1 drop olive or grapeseed oil

Female Cyst/Endo blend #2

4 drops Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil Supplement

4 drops Young Living Geranium Essential Oil Supplement

2 drops Young Living Oregano Essential Oil Supplement

1 drop olive or grapeseed oil

Test a drop of each blend on a small area of your skin (if you have sensitive skin) before proceeding with tampon or compress. Using only one blend at a time in a glass bowl, soak up the oil mixture with a pure organic cotton tampon. Use tampon nightly for 4 nights then discontinue for 3 nights.

Either blend can be rubbed over lower abdomen and covered with a warm compress. Cover area with a very warm moist towel after applying oils and put on a heated pak from the microwave or hot water bottle. Do not use a heating pad.

Be Well, Jennifer Nordin

This information is intended for self care educational purposes only and should not be considered as diagnosis or treatment for any disease. If severe discomfort is present always consult your health care professional.


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