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What is Relocation Astrology?

Posted Mar 25 2010 2:45am

Are you planning to move? Will you and your family be traveling? Would you like to know in advance what you can expect when you arrive in either case? Through relocation astrology, you can find out what is in store for your life in the new location, before you arrive, even if you have never been there before.

what is relocation astrology

Astrocartography in Relocation Astrology

In some cases, Astrocartography can be used to determine how you will fare in a new location. However, in this practice, world maps are used along with your birth information to determine where the most suitable places on earth are for you, as opposed to finding out what will happen to your life in a specific, predetermined place.

Relocation Astrology with the Relocated Birth Chart

Your birth chart already dictates which areas of your life you will thrive in, and which areas will have profound difficulties. Different aspects of your life are aligned with different stars and planets, and this alignment is based on when you were born.

However, you can change your birth chart by relocating. This will enable you to align certain aspects with the stars and planets that they need for improvement. For example, if you want a vast improvement in your career, you will want to locate to an area where your career aspect is aligned with the 10th house of Jupiter.

Naturally, however, when you realign your birth chart, based on a new location, some aspects of your life will be affected in a negative fashion, so you must use great care when selecting a new location.

Relocation Astrology Readings

If you already know where you will be moving or traveling, you can tell a professional astrologist this information, and they can provide you with a relocation birth chart, enabling them and you to see which areas of your life will be improved, which areas will worsen, and which areas will remain much the same.

If you are using these services to find out where you should travel or move to, however, with no destination predetermined, you need to think very carefully about what type of improvements that you are seeking in your life, so that you are given the best locations for those improvements. Aspects of your life to consider include your career, your health, your life mate, children, happiness, and more. Make absolutely certain that you are sure of what it is that you want before getting your reading, and before relocating, and be very aware of the changes that will affect the other aspects of your life as well.

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