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What is Evolutionary Astrology?

Posted Mar 22 2010 2:45am

Are you hoping for reincarnation when you die? If so, you should be aware that you will not be born as a completely new person. Many aspects from your current life will carry over to your reincarnated life, but generally, those aspects will be improved, as it is believed that the soul learns and retains knowledge with each reincarnation. This is the basis of evolutionary astrology.

what is evolutionary astrology

Understanding Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary Astrology is a method of astrology that is applied to natal astrology. The natal chart is used to discover information about your past lives, and it can also be used to discover information about lives that you will live in the future, through reincarnation. This method of astrology is done, as many others, using your birth information to create a birth chart. The chart can then show the professional astrologist what went on in your past lives, what is going on in your current life, and what you might expect in your future lives as your soul works towards progression.

Being the Best that You Can Be through Evolutionary Astrology

The concept behind evolutionary astrology is that we do improve with each reincarnation, and some methods believe that we will continue to evolve until our souls have reached perfection, so to speak. The soul is not limited by time and space as the body is – it continues on, and continues seeking the truth as to what life is really about. As it seeks this answer, it continues to improve, and to come closer and closer to that truth.

How much Can You Rely on Evolutionary Astrology?

In the end, you can rely on this type of astrology just as much as you can rely on other forms of astrology. All people do not believe in reincarnation, and many do not believe that their lives are essentially predestined based on when they were born. However, for those who do believe in these things, and rely on this information, this form of astrology is as effective as any other form. It all comes down to what you believe.

Naturally, the accuracy of your charts will also be determined by the skill of the astrology professional doing the charts as well, and it is important to realize this. You will want to make sure that the professional has had the proper training for evolutionary astrology, and you may be interested in knowing how much experience they have as well. This is especially true if you will be relying on the results, instead of just using this form of astrology for fun or vague interest.

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