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What Did You Eat Today?

Posted Dec 02 2009 11:33am
Because I write so much about vegetarian, vegan and raw foods - and I write in general about healthy living - one of the questions new clients often ask me over the phone is, "So tell me about your own diet."

That's not as peculiar as it sounds. Would you want someone writing for you who writes glowing reports about eating celery for dinner, only to find out she ran out to Baskin Robbins and entered the ice cream sundae eating contest? They want to know if I practice what I preach, but more importantly, I think they want to know if I really and truly "get" the lifestyle. Because it is a lifestyle, even more so than a 'diet'.

I described in my welcome what my general diet is like, and over time, as you get to know me through my posts, I'll share more about my entire holistic lifestyle. But each day, as often as my time permits, I'll post what I ate today. It will keep me honest.

Today the 50 Raw Diet Looked Like This

Coffee in the morning...I still drink coffee in the morning, although I am down from 12 cups to 2, and a glass of wine before dinner when the mood strikes. Yes that used to be 12 cups a day....

Breakfast smoothie: 1 cup orange juice, 1 cup plain yogurt, 1 frozen banana, 1 cup frozen strawberries. Blend. Yum. Like a big milkshake but good for you!

Lunch: Cooked sweet potato, green salad with cucumbers, apple, and a cup of tea

Snack: Celery sticks with hummus, plus another apple. I'm addicted to apples.

Dinner: Baked potato, Brussels sprouts

Snack: Hot cocoa and dates

I got into the habit of sipping water throughout the day when I worked as a receptionist at Martin Viette Nurseries...talking all day to customers really made my throat hurt, and it was around that time that I gave up guzzling the gallons of diet cola I used to drink. Over time, I stopped drinking soda altogether (I still have it every once in a while...but infrequently) and now I just sip filtered water from our well.

Today was a vegetarian day for me, and more than 50 raw, I think, but it fit. I might have more tea throughout the day - I switch back and forth from black tea to herbal. I can't drink green tea at all. Makes me sick to my stomach. Anyone else get that way?
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