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What Are Vacuum Blackhead Removers

Posted Feb 20 2010 8:43pm

Simply stated, a Vacuum Blackhead Remover is precisely what it says it is.  It is a small device that uses suction to remove a blackhead from the pore.

blackhead vacuum

Other Methods of Removing Blackheads

Many people use different methods to remove blackheads.  The ‘squeeze it till it pops’ method, strips which attach themselves to the top of the blackhead and yank it out, creams, scrubs and products that chemically remove them. There are a multitude of products on the market today.  All of this seems so barbaric!

These methods can leave redness and swelling from squeezing. They can cause infection as the skin is damaged and bacteria are allowed to enter the pore. The use of chemicals on delicate skin is abrasive.  This can irritate the skin and cause burning and allergic reactions.  Some of these chemicals release toxins that can enter your body through your bloodstream.  All of these methods can leave permanent scars and irritate the skin.

How a Vacuum Blackhead Remover Works

The use of Vacuum Blackhead Removers is a much gentler way to remove unsightly blackheads.  The device is small, and you simply place the suction tip over the top of the blackhead to be removed.  Once in place, proceed to let the vacuum extract the blackhead from the pore. The device does the work for you.

These products are designed to remove the entire blackhead, including the root of it. When used properly they do not cause redness, swelling, skin irritation, infection and are painless.   This method of blackhead removal is considered the safest method, with no side effects.

As with all personal beauty products, you will want to limit the use of this product to yourself.  Keep it clean to avoid introducing bacteria into surrounding pores.

Is a Vacuum Blackhead Remover for You?

If you want to remove blackheads painlessly and easily, then yes.  All people’s skin is not the same, and all vacuum blackhead removers are not the same either.  You may need to research to find the one that is right for you.

There are benefits to be had from the use of these devices.  The first benefit is removing the unsightly blackhead.  After that, not having irritation, redness, swelling and scarring are extra benefits.  When you consider the consequences of other methods of blackhead removal you will see that the use of a vacuum blackhead remover is the safest option.

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