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what are suggestions for natural post op pain relief and recovery from breast implants surgery?

Posted by mamaleigh

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EFT - Energy meridian tapping is a great process to use for pain relief. Tapping on energy meridians (the same meridians used in acupunture) oftens reduces or eliminates the pain.

Frequently the pain will return, so I recommend repeating the tapping on a regular basis as you would take a pain medication on a regular basis.

Visit my blog for more information on meridian tapping.  

I suppose that it is predictable that I would suggest acupuncture (being an acupuncturist) as post-surgical pain relief.  In fact, in my practice, I work with plastic surgeons who do reconstructive work following breast cancer surgery...and they send their patients to me to aid in healing and pain relief during the post surgical period.  Hope you feel better soon!
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