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what are good alternate therapies to try, to help one conceive?

Posted by zaiya

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Chinese medicine is particularly helpful for fertility.  Acupuncture and herbal medicine can help balance your system so that your reproductive functions are working as smoothly as possible, making it more likely you can get pregnant and sustain a healthy pregnancy to term.  Usually you can tell you are making progress by changes in symptoms like menstrual pain, heavy flow, irregular periods, PMS signs, etc. Often people notice changes in other areas of health, like sleep or digestion or energy, which is also a good sign.

To do this you will need to go for regular treatment, usually at least weekly for at least 3 months, in order to see useful changes (though I have had women get pregnant almost immediately on starting acupuncture or herbs!).  It's a committment, but  well worth it if it helps you have the family you want to have.

Acupuncture is also very helpful in conjunction with Western medical fertility treatments.  There are good studies, for example, showing a significant increase in the success rate of IVF treatment when acupuncture is used (up to 42% better results).  

For more information I would recommend reading The Infertility Cure, by Randine Lewis, which has a ton of information about Chinese medical diagnosis and treatment of fertility problems.  There are a lot of self-help suggestions in there that are tailored to different bodies and health situations.  I don't recommend self-treating with herbs, even though she puts herbal information in the book; but the dietary, exercise, and self-massage suggestions are great.  And, as background reading it makes you more informed and able to participate if you do go for acupuncture and herbal treatment.

Good luck, and thanks for posting your question!


Many scandinavians and those from Siberia believe that Rhodiola rosea root (such as the product MIND BODY & SPIRIT from Verde Botanica) increases fertility. Used for a thousand years, it is still true today that newly married couples will be given gifts of Rhodiola wrapped in a little bundle with flowers, to aid their wedding night. A website (in Swedish, unfortunately) talks about "Rhodiola babies" and how many children have been born to women who started taking this herbal supplement which is reputed to bring the body back into balance. Besides that, it reduces depression, increases mental clarity.

thanks marilyn, getting a copy of the book this weekend..

Dave.. will check up on the rhodiola root... sounds interesting enough to try.. :) 

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