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What alternative treatments are there for mixed connective tissue disease?

Posted by MOGirl63

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Connective tissue is not normally thought of as something that would be benefit from massage. Pfrimmer massage is a specific type of deep tissue massage that may be of benefit. Because it is deep tissue massage, blood flow will be increased to most areas of muscle tissue. This will bring much needed oxygen and nutrients to the area. As muscle tissue becomes stronger, it can reduce the strength and pressure on the connecting tissue.

You might also consider taking chondroiton and glucosamine. They are beneficial for joint, bone and cartilage health when taken together and in appropriate amounts. Each person is different so consulting a physician to find out what your needs are would be the best route.

Horsetail herb contains silica and will also support and strengthen connectiv tissue. Consult with a natural health consultant to find out what dosage would work for you. You will also want to ask if there are any precautions you need to take in connection with other medications or herbal remedies.

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