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What’s the best weight loss diet for me?

Posted Jun 30 2010 12:00am

By Leah Salmon

I don’t know about you, but I’m increasingly concerned about the focus in the media and health industries on weight loss. Sure, many of us would like to shed a few pounds, and of course being overweight or obese goes hand in hand with very definite health risks. But is dieting to lose as much weight as possible in as short a time as possible really the best weight loss diet?

As a health practitioner I really question this. In my view the best weight loss diet is one that leaves your body feeling fully nourished, energised and alive – and there is a way of eating for each of us that will keep us feeling this way and the excess pounds will take care of themselves!

There are plenty of eating plans for weight loss. Many do actually work… in a way. Sure, go on a restrictive calorie-controlled diet; feel gloriously self-righteous as you turn away from the cakes and burgers that your stomach is crying out for, and you’ll lose weight.  Then your body decides it’s being starved and begins to store every calorie it can get hold of as fat.  And even when you stop dieting, you continue to store more food as fat than you used to. So back come those pounds and more. You diet again and it’s a little harder to lose the weight because now you’ve really convinced your body it needs to prepare for periodic starvation! Does this sound like the best weight loss diet for you?

Or try cutting out all carbs, why don’t you? Our bodies get their energy by converting carbohydrates into glucose. If we stop eating carbohydrates, our bodies have to go elsewhere for fuel. So we start breaking down all those stored fat cells to get the energy we need.  And boy is that a good way to start losing weight! Seriously, it’s pretty quick and effective. But is it healthy? Does it feel good? Can you eat like this for the rest of your life?

For some people the answer seems to be yes, but for a lot of us it’ll be a resounding no. How can that be? How can “the best weight loss diet ever” according to Jack, make Jill an ill girl?

Maybe because there’s no such thing as “the best weight loss diet ever”. Not one that works for the entire human race. But don’t lose hope! Although we’re often treated like it, we’re not clones! You and I don’t look the same, think the same or have the same cells in our bodies. We have quite individual metabolisms, which need a particular blend of nutrients and food groups in order to function at peak efficiency. Our wonderful, amazing, unique human bodies know exactly what we need, and they tell us by making us feel energised and alert, or sluggish and bloated after eating certain types, amounts and combinations of food. If only we would listen to them!

You might want to look into a system called Metabolic Typing which helps us to identify our own, unique metabolic needs. It recognises that we’re all individuals, and helps us to work out what the ideal diet is for us partly by letting our bodies tell us what works rather than dictating what we have to eat based on someone else’s experiences!

So I would urge you to forget about one size fits all dieting solutions. The best weight loss diet for you is the one your body has been trying to tell you about for years!


After spending years as a nurse and medical secretary, Leah Salmon realised that orthodox medicine didn’t work and became a Naturally You Coach, helping people to use their foods and natural remedies to improve their health, instead of drugs, chemicals and surgeries. Now a published author of 2 books, a speaker, teacher and dedicated homeschooling mother to her 4 children, listen to Leah share the number one secret to great health at

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