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Wellness for a School Teacher in New Paltz, NY

Posted Feb 22 2012 7:30am

“What is Wellness?” We asked Elementary School Teacher Kristen Masson Diedhiou this question. Here’s her response: 

To feel well is to be content and balanced.
It’s an energetic slow boil simmering under a cool calm.

There is a quickening inside when the first fresh air of the day hits me.
I know that the day holds potential.

Wellness is a reserve deep inside the body and soul.
All engines are firing.

It’s feeling connected to my body.
Functioning smoothly without pain.
Enjoying movement.

It’s making proactive choices that support health,
Clearing out the habits that clog me up and slow me down.
It’s offering and accepting love,
Listening to the voice inside that says to forgive,
To be open, to feel.

To feel well, I find I need a plan.
I have to plan wellness for myself as if I were a guest in my own home.

What will I feed myself this week?
What will I do that will be fun and inspiring?
How will I get my body moving this week?

Without a plan, I tend to feel unwell by Friday.
Without a plan it’s all about catching up.
It’s all about laundry and cooking for others and eating their leftovers.
It’s going to sleep with the kitchen a mess and not wanting to face the morning.

To be well requires asking for what I need.

For me that is:
Healthy, delicious food
Exercise with others in community
Love and affection from my family
Creative stimulation
Awareness of the world (news, activism)
A planned workweek
A clean house

Is that so much to ask?

Submitted by Kristen Masson-Diedhiou, Elementary School Teacher, New Paltz, NY
Thank you Kristen!

Kristen Masson-Diedhiou with her kids Solo, Nafi and Atab


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