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Welcome to 50 Raw

Posted Dec 02 2009 10:56am

Welcome to my new blog, The 50 Raw Diet! What's the 50 Raw Diet? At first I thought it was a new term I'd coined. I was all excited, imagining the books I would write, sitting on Oprah's curvy couch explaining my new svelte figure and glowing skin. Then I decided to Google it. Big mistake. It seems as if Cheryl Tiegs is already out there talking about something like this. Blah. Who needs a former Cover Girl model when you've got me, I ask you? So here's to 50 raw!

50 Raw is the name I made up to describe my way of eating. It means that I eat about 50% of my diet as raw and living foods. A raw and living foods diet is a way of eating based on consuming mostly uncooked plant foods, such as vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts. It's an extreme form of vegetarian and vegan eating based on growing research that it can really heal and help you have abundant energy and health.

I first learned about raw foods in February 2008. One of my company's clients asked me to write a press release for a spa he owned a share in that was opening. It was a raw food health spa, and I first learned about this unique way of eating. I seemed to grasp the major concepts intuitively. Later that same year in the fall, a health coach who specialized in raw foods contacted me for marketing assistance, and as part of my work with her, she gave me a few free health coaching sessions and copies of her books. One thing led to another. It was as if the universe just opened up a pathway before me that led to ever-unfolding amounts of information on raw, vegan and vegetarian foods. Even a website that I've been writing for since early 2008 switched me from editing the Herbs channel to editing Vegetarian; something was calling me, that's for sure!

Over the past year, I've dipped my toe into the pool while more and more I find myself writing, reading and studying all things raw food and holistic health.

I can't live one thing and write about another. As more and more holistic health clients come to me looking for marketing and writing help, I have to practice what I preach. So I decided to slowly and steadily incorporate the raw and living foods lifestyle into my life.

Right now I'm calling my way of eating "50 raw". What I do is simple: at each meal, I pretend there's a line drawn down my plate. Half of the plate has to be 50% raw foods, and the other half can be cooked. Breakfast and lunch are vegetarian; dinner is vegetarian 50% of the week. During the other days of the week, I do eat a little bit of organic, grass fed beef, fish or chicken with my dinner.

So that's the 50 raw diet. I hope that this blog entertains and inspires you as I share with you more about this way of eating that really does have remarkable benefits.

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