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Weight Loss: Thinking Outside The Box

Posted Jun 22 2009 11:36am

Since so many people are struggling with weight issues, I’d like to share some things I’ve learned about attaining your ideal weight.  Let’s look at four categories: Our culture is all about eating.  We use food to celebrate, grieve, socialize.  Many people eat to satisfy emotions. We eat if we feel bored, anxious, lonely, etc.  I would like to suggest that when you feel like eating, stop and consider whether or not you are experiencing true physical hunger. If  the answer is “Yes” sit down, take time to enjoy a healthy snack.  Otherwise, choose an activity that truly satisfies the emotion you are feeling.

1. In some instances, the  subconscious mind uses extra weight as a blanket of  protection. This is particularly common in people who experienced physical or sexual abuse as children.  Consider Guided Imagery or hypnotherapy to move forward, feel safe and empowered.

2.  Sleep:  It’s important to get adequate deep sleep. Do you snore?  Do you run out of steam during the day?  If the answer to either is “Yes”, consider being screened for sleep apnea. In addition to increasing the risk of stroke, cardiac problems and diabetes, without adequate deep sleep, the body can’t produce enough leptin, a hormone that allows us to feel satisfied.

We also tend to have more cravings and eat more when we are tired.

3.  Adjust your thought process. Picture yourself slim and fit.  Really feel how that will feel.  Change your self talk.  Strive to “attain your ideal weight”  “release excess weight”.  Consider my guided imagery CD “ Creating Optimal Health and Wellness ” to change limiting beliefs and habits.

4.  Check out “Losing It” an I-Phone application that tracks your goals, calories and progress.

Let me hear about your progress!!

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