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Wednesday, 16 June 2010 06:07 - Healthy Tips Newsletter January 2010

Posted Jun 16 2010 3:07am

Welcome Message

January 2010
Monthly Health Tips Newsletter

Accessing Resources for Empowerment(tm)

This issue contains:

Biofeedback Naturally ~ Answering a Reader's Question
What are you doing with your leftovers?

Biofeedback Naturally ~ Answering a Reader's Question
A reader recently asked me if communication with our bodies is possible without (bio)feedback. As an example she said that she, when pregnant and having an ultrasound, "asked the baby to turn over so that the technician could get the photographs that she wanted."   The baby immediately turned over - passed off as a coincidence by the technician, - but seen by the mother as a direct communication  to her unborn child. The answer to this question in my opinion is that this is communication with feedback - in this case the feedback is the response from the baby in the uterus - it turned over. Was it a coincidence? Perhaps, but mothers know how to communicate with their unborn children whether consciously or unconsciously, and the baby's response to this communication can sometimes be felt and sometimes be seen on ultrasound.

We do not necessarily need machines in order to get (bio)feedback from our bodies. Case in point - when you have a tension headache the muscles around the back of your neck, and those that go over your head to your brow are tight. When they tighten they give you a sensation of discomfort. If you notice this consciously, then this is intrinsic biofeedback - in other words you don't need a machine in order to tell you that you have a headache! If you sit quietly, noticing where the discomfort is, what color it has, what shape it might have, and even what texture, then you have an opportunity to "feedback" information to those muscles that can help them relax. For example, what color, shape, and texture would your muscles have if they were relaxed and in their normal state? Imagine the color, shape and texture in your mind and start imagining those muscles becoming that color, shape and texture. Within minutes you will notice that your headache begins to disappear. It's actually faster than Tylenol, aspirin, or other pain killers.

There are certain types of feedback for which we do need machines, primarily because we don't have the sensitivity to know exactly how our nervous system is behaving. This is where biofeedback devices come in handy. For example, despite some people's beliefs that they can tell when their blood pressure is up, research suggests that under normal circumstances we are unable to know exactly when our blood pressure is up and when it is normal. This is why we need blood pressure measurements. These days we can get 24-hour blood pressure monitoring and see when our blood pressure goes up in response to external events, our thoughts and unconscious signaling. The emWave biofeedback device described in previous newsletters is very helpful in determining when we are in a state of "cognitive coherence" - a kind of "flow state" similar to that experienced by athletes when things are going well with their game.

Sometimes we can be too sensitive to our bodies signals, and in that case we often feel overly anxious and need to learn how to shift that anxiety down to a lower level. Biofeedback devices are not necessary, but they are helpful. What is important is to learn how to bring that elevated level down to a more normal state, so we can reduce the effects of stress hormones - the wear and tear - on our body.
At other times we need to bring our energy level up - this is particularly true of people who are depressed, and biofeedback can help here as well. In a more general sense, managing our emotional states is an ongoing process and since our emotional states drive our behavior it is best that we learn how to manage them in a way that allows us to be healthy, vibrant, and "in the flow".


Readers who send in questions can have them answered by Dr. Leyton right here!

Did you know that Dr. Leyton writes for both Ezine Online Articles and for Wellsphere International the online health network seen by millions daily.

Thanks for reading this month's newsletter. See you next month!

The EmWave PSR Personal Stress Reducer from HeartMath

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Healthy Tips
Short and Simple~News to Use
There are four basic principles to health:
1. Good nutrition
2. Good exercise
3. Good thinking and emotional states
4. Good self-care
These embrace the mind, body and spirit of good health and well-being. Each monthly tip(s) will address one or more of these principles. These health tips are short and simple. All tips, where applicable, are based on quality research that is being done in the medical field. You will see links throughout the newsletter to take you to more detail if you wish...or you can simply read what's here.

What are You Doing with Your Leftovers?
At this time of year after the Christmas season and the beginning of the new year, we often have foods that are left over from the holiday celebration.  Hopefully by now they are in the freezer or discarded!  Now personally I dislike wasting food, and so I like to utilize leftovers in the best possible way retaining as much nutrition as possible. In fact this would be true personally for me at all times of year. This short article is both about how to utilize leftovers, and some general cooking tips that might be helpful for you to know. I hope to continue this article in the next issue as new ideas come to me and I experiment myself.

It doesn't matter whether you have leftovers that are meat or vegetable. They can be utilized in different ways for "new meals". I am not talking about just heating up what you ate the night before, but simply creating something different that includes those ingredients perhaps, but also utilizes foods that are in the fridge in addition to those meals from the night before. The best way to do this is to combine the ingredients together into some kind of soup or stew.

The most obvious thing at this time of year is what to do with all that turkey that's left over from the Christmas dinner. Even if your friends and relatives ate it all, there are still those bones left over. Don't throw them out. Either freeze the carcass or immediately strip the remaining meat off the carcass, break it into reasonable pieces and place it in a large pot covering it with about 6-10 cups of water. Add an onion, some celery (end stalks or leaves will do), and boil and simmer it for about an hour. This will give you a wonderful turkey broth that can either be frozen, or combined with left over meat and other vegetables into a turkey soup. Recently, thanks to a friend's suggestion, I have discovered pressure cooking. This makes the manufacture of broth whether it be from fish, chicken, turkey or other meats much quicker and easier than it used to be. In about 30 minutes using a pressure cooker you can create an amazing broth that can be utilized for all kinds of different things.

Poultry broth can be used as a base for almost any soup, as can any vegetable broth if you are vegetarian. Vegetable broth can be made from almost any vegetables except those that have a tendency to be bitter such as broccoli or peppers. If you don't have any actual carcass, then you can utilize a good quality chicken broth that is store-bought. My personal preference is for "Better Than Boullion" chicken broth, or a vegetable broth made by Nutrimax. These are both available from health food stores, and our made from organic ingredients. Once you have made the basic broth you can add almost anything to it that is "left over in the fridge". This might include rice that you didn't use, pasta or other vegetables that you might want to add. If you would like a creamier taste, then I often utilize evaporated milk that is either 2% or skim milk. Because it is evaporated it is more concentrated and gives a creamy texture without adding fat. Add as much as you need to get the texture that you would like

More tips on leftovers at the next newsletter.

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