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Want To Make Some Easy Extra Money???

Posted May 21 2009 10:33pm
Hi Friends,

I’ve got an interesting topic for all of you today and it involves you doing very little but making easy money in the process. How, of course, is the question you’re asking.

It’s a business partnership venture I’m calling, A Natural Fit, and it’s a concept I’ve put together based on another NSP program called Business in a Box.

All businesses work together to buy, sell, trade, execute or inform other businesses. By working together, each business can offer their clients additional services and comforts they might not otherwise perform.

Here’s a simple example; while you’re waiting in the dentist’s office, you pick up a magazine to read. That magazine comes from a business selling subscriptions to the dentist for the pleasure of the dentist’s clients while they wait. One business providing a service to another that wouldn’t normally be in that business. The dentist doesn’t write and print his own magazines. He buys them from another company that provides that service.

Another example would be when you go to the salon to get your hair styled, the shampoo the stylist uses, comes from a business that sells the product to the stylist to use on your hair. The stylist doesn’t make the shampoo herself. That other business sells the shampoo, providing a service, to the stylist.

This is the basic business concept behind A Natural Fit, but it’s even easier.

All of us know healthcare providers and personal care providers. We’ve used them throughout our lives or perhaps they’re friends, family or neighbors. The question is going to be, are they friendly to “natural products?” Most are, perhaps without even really knowing it. For example, does your doctor suggest you take a daily vitamin, or does your personal trainer suggest dietary products to help you lose weight or build muscle, or does your manicurist suggest you should take something to strengthen your nails, or does your dentist suggest that your kids should get less sugar. These are just a few of the ways that healthcare providers and the personal care providers use “natural” products or more natural ideas.

The providers we just talked about are giving advice on products but are not making any money on their advice. Their clients are buying products at the local drug, department or grocery store. Did you know that about 70% of Americans buy some form of “natural” product for their health? If these providers sold Nature’s Sunshine products to their clients directly they could make the difference between retail and member pricing, which is significant, about 33%. But who wants to deal with having an inventory? Here’s a better way. The providers can make lots of easy money by having those same clients purchasing products they’re recommending, directly from NSP. The providers do nothing but set their clients up to buy products online when they need them.

Here’s where you and I come in. You have the contacts, the healthcare and personal care providers, people that you know already, either by personal contact or through friends and family. I have the knowledge of the products and the product line that the providers would be recommending. A Natural Fit network with a wealth of free information.

The best part is, you DON’T have to know the products and DO NOT have to do any selling, you are simply introducing me to the providers you already know. When they decide it’s in their best interest to be a part of A Natural Fit, we register them directly under you. Every time they or any of their clients buys a product through NSP, you make a commission on it.

Let’s assume for a moment that we’ve signed up a doctor you know, and he has 100 clients. Of those, he has 25 of them who are purchasing Super Trio vitamins. Every month his 25 clients, without him doing anything, are ordering a combined $1250 worth of product via the internet. Not only will he make a 27% commission on their purchases, that’s $337.50 in his pocket, but you’ll make 12% commission, $150, in your pocket. And this happens every month. And all you did was introduce him or her to me and let me tell them about the great Nature’s Sunshine products and about A Natural Fit idea.

Now imagine your dentist doing the same thing with our sugar free products, your personal trainer with our weight loss products, your chiropractor with our skeletal and joint strengthening products, and so on. You get the picture right? You are making money off them all and all you did was introduce them to me.

In addition to that, I will offer them personalized service as well. I’ll help in choosing the right products for the services they provide, direct contact through phone and email, on-site counseling and education of NSP products if requested, staff training for client online purchases, and talking directly with clients with individualized health concern questions.

And here's something else to think about. The vitamins and herbs that you're purchasing for yourself will cost you nothing because you're getting money back each month from what you're earning on everyone else.

We form A Natural Fit between you, me, the providers, the clients and NSP.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. First, during casual conversation ask your providers if they recommend natural products to any of their clients and what they might be. Then ask them if I could give them a call to talk to them about A Natural Fit.

Here’s a list of some of the healthcare providers or personal care providers that could benefit from a relationship with us. Write down the names of the people you know next to the descriptions. Next time you see them, talk to them about A Natural Fit. Then call me.

Healthcare Providers:
Nurse Practitioners
Physician’s Assistants
Physical Therapists

Personal Care ProvidersMassage Therapists
Fitness Professionals
Health or Life Coaches
Aestheticians in Salon
Hair Stylists
Personal Trainers
Health Food Store Owner
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