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Vitamin E – The Key to Natural Skin Beauty

Posted Nov 30 2009 10:00pm

Vitamin E is one of the most studied vitamins in the world because of its antioxidant, restorative properties. It does wonders for heart health but it is best known for safeguarding the skin. Your skin is the largest organ of the body, protecting your internal organs and helping the body rid itself of waste through sweating. Skin also is a direct reflection of your health and how well you take care of your body. Therefore, it is important to incorporate vitamin E into your diet as well as your skin care regiment.

Vitamin E – The Key to Natural Skin Beauty

Elements that Can Affect Your Skin

Your skin takes a beating each day, being exposed to a variety of elements that can affect it. That is why vitamin E is the key to natural skin beauty. Its antioxidant properties alone protect your skin from damaging free radicals from a variety of sources such as:

  1. Ultraviolet rays from the sun
  2. Air pollution and smog
  3. Cigarette and other tobacco smoke
  4. Exposure to electronic emissions
  5. Cosmetic products

Protective Benefits of Vitamin E

Taking a supplement form of vitamin E can help the skin from the inside out. However, using lotions and creams with vitamin E is most beneficial for your skin. In fact, you can even break open vitamin E capsules and apply it directly to your skin. The protective benefits of vitamin E are many and include:

  1. Slowing down the signs of skin aging
  2. Providing a protective layer of antioxidants which combat free radicals from such sources as ultraviolet light and pollution
  3. Helping prevent skin cancer
  4. Reducing the look of age spots and other discolorations
  5. Diminishing the appearance of stretch marks
  6. Softening skin scar tissue to minimize its appearance

Vitamin E promotes new skin cell growth which is why it is such a good idea to apply it directly onto fresh scars from an accident, surgery or even acne. Fine lines and wrinkled skin benefit from the antioxidant properties of this wonder vitamin. Coarse, dry or peeling skin can soften and heal with applications of vitamin E. Rough cuticles and chapped lips also heal with help from vitamin E.

If you plan to use vitamin E on dry, cracking skin or rough cuticles, you should know that direct application of vitamin E from broken supplement capsules can be rather sticky. You will have the best results treating the area by mixing a dab of olive or almond oil with the vitamin E before spreading. If it is possible, wear a light cotton garment or bandage to prevent the homemade vitamin E moisturizer from rubbing off. You can apply the oil-vitamin E mixture straight onto your lips to heal chapped areas.

For sunburn protection, mix some vitamin E with coconut oil which is a natural sun block and smooth a fine layer on exposed skin before heading outdoors. This concoction will keep skin smooth but it must be re-applied periodically. If you already have sunburn, mix some aloe vera gel with vitamin E and apply to sunburned areas to sooth the burn as well as heal it.

Vitamin E with its antioxidant healing properties is definitely one ingredient you should include in your skin care regiment. Within a few weeks as old skin sheds and new skin growth emerges, you will attain a healthier “glow” that will be readily apparent. Why waste hundreds of dollars each year on special creams and lotions when simple, yet powerful, vitamin E can do the same thing?

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