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Visualize Your Wealth Free Guide...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:22pm

Visualize Your Wealth
Free Guided Meditation

This short audio is brought to you as part of the Freedom Lifestyle Income Program by Christopher Westra.

Reprogramming your money beliefs with a guided meditation is fun and easy. Nearly everyone owns faulty and limiting beliefs about money. Here's a guided meditation specifically about money that you can listen to again and again!

Free Guided Meditation

A Word from Christopher:

I’ve learned from my counseling over the years that beliefs can be changed in two ways. The first way to change beliefs and attitudes is by a very high impact experience. For example, you may get in a car wreck, or have a religious experience, or a great life changing class or seminar.

These high impact experiences can’t always be designed, and you usually only get a few in a lifetime. The second way to change beliefs or attitudes is through repetition. This is the slow yet sure way.

I listened to another free guided meditation hundreds of times before creating this guided money meditation. The meditation will enable you to visualize the details and feel the emotions you really want.

The solution to ineffective money beliefs is to change those beliefs. The problem is that beliefs sometimes resist change.

Money won't help you feel loved, happy, and hopeful. In reality, feeling love and happiness and hope will actually help you to get money! So listen to this free guided meditation MP3 every day. Repetition is the key.


Here's the link again: Free Guided Meditation

Christopher's book, Realms of Joy - Time of Light, is an eye-opener that gives real methods for creating reality in a more successful way.

The illusions created by linear time are at the root of so many difficulties in our lives. The methods presented here destroy the illusions of linear time and bring increased joy and light through awareness and practice. Living in present awareness is one of the most important skills we can all learn. Although we are actually born with this ability, we get trained out of it by culture and education.

You Can Master Holographic Time using Truths and Exercises to Help You Live in Joy and Light! Find out more about Holographic Time on his Realms of Joy - Time of Light book.
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