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Vibrant Living Tip of the Week

Posted Sep 12 2008 4:31am
Keep a health journal...

Journaling Many people find journaling satisfying and very handy for creating insights into the sometimes dizzying conundrum of life. It is a great learning tool--about yourself. For the health consciousness, or even those who are not particularly, keeping a Health Journal can also be very revealing--especially about personal habits--and can uncover unhealthy behaviors. The American Academy of Family Physicians has recently released the 5 types of things to put in your health journal that you would then make available to your doctor or naturopath. We would like to add to this list from an alternative medicine perspective:
  • Any illness or injury you've sustained.
  • Any hospitalizations or surgeries.
  • Any symptoms or allergies that you've had.
  • OTC medications, prescription medications, supplements and vitamins that you take, including the dosage and how often you take them.
  • Any diseases, conditions or illnesses that run in your family ( realizing that 10% of disease susceptibility is determined by DNA--Editor ).
  • Describe your sleep, physical, mental or emotional symptoms, and significant dreams.
  • What you eat and when you eat it.
  • Exercise you got.
  • Emotional states felt (at work, around sex, children, pets, other relationships).
  • Stressors and how you dealt with them.

With this valuable information, you'll be able to paint a picture over time of how you treat yourself, and what to watch out for in terms of unconditional self-love, forgiveness of self and others, and acceptance of conditions that are out of your control, as well as other behaviors you would like to be doing. Journaling these things daily, weekly, or monthly, can be a very rewarding way to get perspective on life, and increase your everyday awareness.

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