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Veronica and I were talking abou ...

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:41pm
Veronica and I were talking about ending the drought in her area around Queensland. She's been busy dowsing for water as another of the rivers has gone dry and the cattle farmers are in big trouble with their stock. They need rain and have gone into their 7th year of drought

Anyone interested in projecting healing energy to this situation, please do so

I made a suggestion of influencing the weather along with her dowsing to help put an end to the drought. When I made the suggestion of visualizing, it's not really about making a detailed picture in your mind, but really to give the Universe an idea of what is needed. For me, I project a brief image along with a strong desire. Read on...

From: veronica hansen
To: Lydia Smith-Lenardson
Sent: Wednesday, September 13, 2006 10:51:46 PM
Subject: Re: ending the drought

Hi again I'm hoping the weather holds off till November till we can get our first crop of cane off. Its been the best season so far as far as the cane growers have had for the last 7 years We actually had a few spring showers the last few weeks and the sugar cane is ripe and ready as long as the paddocks don't get too wet they can't get the heavy machinery over it to cut it.

Hows that. I sound like a typical farmer "hey want rain but not right now."

So what do you do to influence the weather?

Come the end of November I'll be out there trying to see what I can do to get the rivers to run too. I'll wait till then and if the powers that be haven't intervened by then. I have another friend who has been building energy towers and having some success with them down NSW way.

From: Lydia Smith-Lenardson
To: veronica hansen
Sent: Sunday, September 17, 2006 8:45:55 PM
Subject: Re: ending the drought

Hi Veronica,

Sorry to take awhile to respond. Okay, so you don't want the rain right now. Then just visualize and state what you DO want to end the drought. I think of it as speaking to the sky and saying my 'Pleases and Thank Yous' for the weather I want and need.

Not many people that I've talked to are aware that it's possible to change the weather. But not only is it possible, it's easier than you think. I only became aware of being able to do this after my first Reiki attunement, but then realized that I'd been doing it all my life. Summertime and the shift of seasons before and after in northern Virginia are often marked by humidity, thunderstorms, even hurricanes and tornadoes. So, I tested this idea for myself by envisioning the protection of my home and neighborhood. And many times over 8 years I was able to do so successfully when other neighborhoods and towns were inundated by floods, storms and power outages.

I've also done it with my parents home in Houston when Hurricane Rita was set to blow over and for any thundershowers and floods in their area. I don't bother telling my parents about it since they don't believe such things can happen.

The process starts with visualizing the state and duration you want the weather to be like in your area or any place, for that matter. Look up to the sky and direct these images upward and outward while intending for them to happen NOW. I often feel strong male or female energies in the storms so I say 'Please' with this in mind, and it works. Usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes to begin seeing the results.

When you do see changes occurring, say 'Thank You'. And I say 'when' because I know and you will know that they are.

This past Friday I attended my cousin's graduation from Marine Corps basic training. The morning was a bit chilly, overcast and my friends were concerned about the outdoor ceremony getting rained out. I told them it wouldn't and was quite sure we'd have a sunny day. Although I love rain and overcast days. But for this occasion I envisioned and asked for the sky not to rain. Then towards the end of the ceremony, I envisioned the sun would come out, clear away the clouds and have a warm, sunny day.

And so it was.

Give it a try.

If yours or any part of the world is being ravaged by storms and other acts of nature, visualize them moving away or ceasing altogether while shielding the homes and neighborhoods in swirling light.

with love, light, and lotsa hugs,


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