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Vegan Thanksgiving Drinks

Posted Nov 25 2009 10:01pm

Sang Royale Cocktails by biskuit on Flickr Now that you’re already done with the planning and preparing for the meals to be served on Thanksgiving. What about the drinks? Some of your guests must’ve traveled far to visit you and thus need a refreshing drink once they arrive. And there should be a beverage ready for them to sip during and after the meal.

So here are 10 Vegan Thanksgiving beverage ideas from The Lunchbox Bunch. They will surely keep your family and friends hydrated before, during and after the meal.

1. Ginger Juice ShootersBefore the meal

  • It has a refreshing,spicy, warming, energizing ginger flavor.
  • It is a perfect palate cleanser for your guests.
  • Make your batch of shooters right before your guests arrive and you can even have them on a platter by the door so they can ’shoot’ them before even taking off their coats!

2. Bottled Water ‘Bar’Before/During/After the meal

  • No, I do not recommend drinking bottled water with every meal, every day.
  • If you are anti-bottled-water, simply skip down to number 3.
  • Set up a beverage bar which includes a few bottled waters. From sparkling to still, Italy to Norway – it’s fun to taste exotic waters from around the world.
  • A tap water pitcher also deserves a place on your ‘beverage bar’.

3. Tap Water PitcherBefore/During/After the meal

  • Give 3 options: chilled, room temp and one chilled with coconut water ice and lemon.
  • Mint is optional as well.
  • Use glass pitchers for optimal temperature keeping for the chilled options.
  • Keep a pitcher out for your pre-meal party as well as throughout the night.

4. Fresh Pomegranate Juice BellinisBefore the meal

  • Festive, delicious and fizzy!
  • Fresh is best.
  • Simply pour 1/3 pomegranate juice, 2/3 prosecco or champagne, per glass.
  • Add a nice garnish of a few pomegranate seeds at the bottom of each glass.

5. Fruity Fizz White SangriaBefore/During the meal

  • A big pitcher of sangria is meant to be shared among friends.
  • You can even make it the night before and pull it out of the fridge the next day.Or make it the morning of your dinner party – for optimal sangria taste, you’ll want to flavors, fruits and juices to marinate together for at least a few hours.
  • Add in a few seasonal touches like tangerines, crushed persimmons and seasonal pears.

6. Ginger Snap SmoothieAfter the meal

  • This is a fun after-meal recipe for anyone needing a stimulating, cooling refreshment boost.
  • Ginger can aid in digestion.
  • This is a sweet option for anyone who may shun the traditional pumpkin flavored desserts you have prepared.

7. Pumpkin Pie ShakeAfter the meal

  • It’s easy to make, so don’t feel shy in offering it post meal.
  • Make one blender-ful and pour it into little shooter glasses with a big swirl of rice whip cream on top.

8. Poor Man’s Fire ChaiAfter the meal

  • It is fast, easy and cheap!
  • All you need is:a mug, soymilk, sweetener, spices, water and a basic tea bag.

9. Goji Berry Chai Tea LatteAfter the meal

  • Dress up your chai mug with a sprinkling of some goji berries.
  • Shock your guests withthe delicious flavor that dried goji berries add to tea or chai.
  • You can add goji berries to a traditional chai, boxed chai concentrate or even poor man’s fire chai above.

10. Coconut WaterBefore/During/After the meal

  • It is a very refreshing and savory low-calorie drink!
  • It is a rich source of nutrients such as potassium and manganese.
  • It is awesome for kids too!

Now, let’s all drink up for a healthy and happy Thanksgiving. Cheers!

Image by biskuit.

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