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Using Intention

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:23pm 1 Comment
Many of us use intention in order to help us along our chosen path in life. It helps us by giving direction and purpose to our thoughts and actions. But many of us forget that we can also use intention to help others. It can be as simple as mentally wishing someone well or focusing on a positive outcome for another. Personally I have found intention to have made all the difference in my work. Since I work with many people including students and patients I have found that a little bit of positive intention goes a long way.

Many of us get caught up in reacting to situations with others. We sometimes end up defending our positions or focusing on what we are going to say next in a conversation. We could take such an opportunity to step outside of the situation and practice intention for the other person. Sort of mentally wishing them well with finding solutions to their problems rather than taking them on.

I have found that when I do this my patients respond better and my relationships with others go more smoothly. Intention is a simple thing but can elicit powerful results...
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I understand that this post is old, but the topic is very much alive and active. Many people are still using the power of thought and intention to create change.

I recently participated in a World Wide Intention Experiment that involved thousands of like minded people all with the same intent, focused at the same time. The experience was truly amazing and worth experiencing if you have not done so.

Lynne McTaggart, author of "The Intention Experiment," provides this opportunity on her site,

The power of Intention is so valuable in addition to our efforts to change ouselves for the better, and even change the world.

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