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Understanding Medical Marijuana

Posted Mar 25 2010 4:21pm

There has been lots of celebrating going on lately. Many states in the United States are now legalizing the use of marijuana – but it isn’t what you may think. This legalization is for the medical use of marijuana specifically, and not all states have even made that legal. Also, if you are using marijuana for medical purposes, there are laws and regulations that you must be aware of, and must adhere to as well.

Understanding Medical Marijuana

What is Medical Marijuana Used For

There have been countless studies conducted since the 1970s, when marijuana was first deemed as an illegal substance that have proven that marijuana does have medical benefits. Marijuana is used for the control of pain, and also used to relieve nausea, glaucoma, twitching, and many disorders that involve body movement, or the increase of involuntary body movement.

There is also evidence that marijuana may actually prevent certain types of cancerous tumors, even though other studies have proven that marijuana increases the risk for certain types of cancer. Despite this, more and more cancer patients are prescribed marijuana to help with pain.

Medical Marijuana and Your Responsibility

Using marijuana for medical purposes requires more than just finding a dealer and scoring some weed. Due to the new laws and regulations, a prescription from your doctor is required, and with that prescription, you must go to a licensed pharmacy. Often, marijuana is prescribed in pill form, as opposed to cigarette form. Some states that have recently allowed marijuana to be used for medical reasons is also allowing marijuana shops to open, and these shops will be able to fill prescriptions as well, but those prescriptions will be for the cigarette form of marijuana, and not the pill form.

Additionally, despite having a prescription for marijuana, you must use caution, and be fully aware of your state’s laws regarding the purchase, use, and storage of marijuana for medical purposes. If you do not follow the rules, in this regard, you can, and most likely will be prosecuted.

How to Obtain Medical Marijuana

If you feel that your health condition could be alleviated with the use of marijuana, talk to your doctor about it. Understand that if marijuana is not legal for medical use in your state, your doctor will not be able to prescribe it for you – and even if you go to a state where it can be prescribed, that prescription will not matter in your own state, and you can be prosecuted there for that use and possession.

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