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Ulcerative Colitis Natural Treatment

Posted Mar 20 2010 9:53pm

Ulcerative colitis affects over half a million people in America.  If left untreated, it can lead to more serious illness such as cancer.

ulcerative colitis natural treatment

What is Ulcerative Colitis?

Ulcerative colitis is a form of irritable bowel disease which is associated with open sores or ulcers in the colon. Ulcerative colitis results from prolonged colitis which is inflammation and irritation of the delicate membrane that lines the walls of the colon.

This condition is slightly more common in males but does affect either gender. Factors that can increase the risk of ulcerative colitis include your age (common 15 to 30), family history, your race (more prevalent among white people), stress, anxiety and nervousness.

Symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis

Symptoms of ulcerative colitis include anemia, weight loss, fatigue, and loss of appetite, joint pain, and sores on the skin, rectal bleeding, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Most people experience only mild symptoms, but some people can experience severe symptoms such as nausea, bloody diarrhea and severe abdominal cramping. Ulcerative colitis can go into remission for many years and then return.

Natural Treatments for Ulcerative Colitis

There is no actual known cure for ulcerative colitis. There are many natural treatments used to help manage the effects of ulcerative colitis.

  • Diet changes can help in ulcerative colitis natural treatment of.  Carbohydrates and sugars have been shown to promote the growth of yeast and bacteria in the intestines which causes imbalance increasing the risk for ulcerative colitis.  Eating red meats, proteins and the consumption of alcohol also increased the risk of a relapse of the disease
  • Foods rich in vitamin C were found to have a healthier effect and in higher amounts actually decreased the risk of flare-ups.
  • Probiotics have been used as an ulcerative colitis natural treatment.  It is considered safe with no significant side effects.  Probiotics introduce “good” bacteria into the intestines which help control the potentially “bad” bacteria. This improves the health of the lining of the bowel and helps to reduce inflammation.
  • Some research studies have shown that both Aloe vera Gel and Omega-3 fatty acids helps in reducing the inflammation in the bowel that results from ulcerative colitis.
  • Acupuncture has been used to treat this condition.  The belief is that pain results from blocked energy pathways of the body. With acupuncture the pathways are unblocked allowing energy to flow freely.  Acupuncture causes the body to naturally release opioids. Opioids are effective pain relievers to the body.

It is known that stress does not cause ulcerative colitis, but that is does complicate the condition.  Controlling stress can lessen the severity of the symptoms and increase the chance of remission.

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