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Two Strategies for Reviving a Dead Battery XPS L702X Pack

Posted Oct 10 2013 9:56am

What do you do when the battery XPS L702X in your laptop malfunctions of die? Do you wrap it up in a plastic wrapping and toss it in the trash? Do you give it away to a recycling company and spend money on a replacement accessory on the Internet offline? While many people would consider one of the foregoing remedies when in possession of a battery for Dell XPS L702X, consider the following two strategies to revive your dead Dell XPS L702X battery:


Strategy one: the freeze test

Did you know that freezing your dead battery XPS L702X for eight to 11 hours at around four degrees Celsius helps to stabilize the chemical composition of power cells and revive a dead battery for Dell laptops? The process is effective and relatively easy to perform with the equipment, readily available in the home. Consider the following steps for best results; first, remove the dead or dying Dell XPS L702X battery from your laptop. You can either slide a latch that holds the battery in place or unscrew a set of screws depending on your laptop model. Next, place the battery on a clean towel on a table in your kitchen or sitting room. Make sure that the table and towel are clean and that the battery does not get in contact with metal components (spoons, nails, etc.) that can shoot its contacts. Next, check the battery for Dell XPS L702X for signs of damage and then clean it thoroughly using a clean cloth or cotton wool dipped in rubbing alcohol. Next, wrap the battery in a clean zipper bag or plastic bag (whichever is available) and then incubate it in your fridge overnight. Remove that battery from your refrigerator in the morning and leave it to thaw on a clean towel. Dab it with the towel to dry droplets of water, re-install it in your laptop, and charge it using an original Dell XPS L702X adapter.


Strategy two: replacing dead cells

Battery for Dell XPS L702X packs draw power from a series of power cells to connected parallel to one another. When one cell dies or malfunctions, it breaks the circuit connecting it to other cells, rendering the battery useless. If you can replace the defective cells and thus, repair the broken circuit in your battery, you can restore normal performance without spending a lot of money. Buy replacement cells online or in store in your locality and then follow these steps: remove the damage Dell XPS L702X battery from your laptop and pry it open. Document its internal circuitry using pictures or videos before you manipulate anything. Next, remove all power cells and test each individually to identify damaged one. Replace them and reassemble your battery, re-install it in your laptop, and calibrate it using a Dell XPS L702X adapter. Your dead battery for Dell XPS L702X should start working again optimally at this point.

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