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Try this for a Flat Belly, Reduced Back Pain… and More

Posted Aug 14 2009 6:18pm

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms: low back pain, hunched rounded shoulders, or a Deep breathing protruding belly?

A weak core is most likely the reason, which means you should strengthen it! “How?” you ask.  It’s not with endless crunches or crazy ball exercises. Instead, you will learn simple diaphragmatic breathing exercises! 

First, let’s test your breathing.  

Start by standing in front of a mirror.  Now, place one hand on your belly and one on your chest. Take a deep breath. Does your belly rise or does your chest rise? If your chest is the answer, we have work to do!  If your chest is rising, this means the muscles of your upper body are doing the lifting of the rib cage to bring oxygen into your lungs.  That explains why you have tension and knots surrounding your neck and your posture may be a mess.

If your belly rose, then you are in better shape.  However, you could still practice the diaphragmatic breathing program I am about to show you in order to strengthen your inner core, improve your posture, flatten out your belly, and YES, burn more fat

Your inner core is composed of four major muscle groups and 2 supporting muscle groups. By incorporating diaphragmatic breathing, you will undoubtedly strengthen all the major and supporting muscle groups of your inner core.  This is something we neglect because we sit in chairs from the age of 5 and are constantly under the pressure of society to “suck it in.”

Well, Let it out and Just BREATHE

Diaphragmatic breathing is the act of breathing deeply into your lungs by expanding your diaphragm using your inner core. 1 Besides creating a foundation for a strong core, diaphragmatic breathing also has many health benefits such as reducing stress, improving bowel movements, decreasing anxiety, improving insomnia, relieving asthma symptoms, and helping lower blood pressure naturally! 2,3 

In addition to a stronger core and all the health benefits, diaphragmatic breathing will also allow you to burn more fat!  You will have better form in your exercises, giving you more power and enabling you to lift more weight. Heavier weight lifting leads to more lean body mass, which fires up your metabolism to burn more fat!

Click here to watch me show you the ultimate secret to a sexy, flat stomach, and a reduction in back pain!


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[Ed. Note: Yarixa "Coach Yari" Ferrao is a certified personal trainer, founder of "Get Fit in 6", and alternative health enthusiast who has been whipping some THB and Early to Rise staffers, and even THB's Chairman of the Board, Dr. Al Sears into tip top shape. Coach Yari's e-course newsletter series explains the exercise and nutrition secrets that can help you burn fat. Click here to sign up.]

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