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Trustworthy Fitness Instructor Insurance Options

Posted Apr 24 2010 5:46am

If you are a fitness instructor, and you work at a health club, the chances are good that the establishment where you work has insurance that covers your classes. However, this isn’t true in all cases, and this does not apply to you if you are a personal trainer and you work outside of a health club.

trustworthy fitness insurance

Why You Need Trustworthy Fitness Instructor Insurance Options

If someone gets hurt during your fitness class, you can be held responsible, depending on the circumstances. Most health clubs generally have members sign waivers stating that if injuries occur, the club will not be held responsible. Despite this, there are some instances where the club can be held legally responsible.

If your employer does not cover your classes and your actions during classes with liability insurance, it will be your responsibility to seek out your own coverage – and that coverage is extremely important.

What You Need in Fitness Instructor Insurance

Ideally, the insurance policy that you obtain as a fitness instructor will include at least $1,000,000 in liability coverage per incident or occurrence. There should additionally be at least a $3,000,000 aggregate limit as well. Aside from this, you also need personal injury coverage up to $100,000 per occurrence.

Depending on your circumstances, and your instructor position, it may be important to also obtain liability insurance against sexual abuse, in case claims are made against you. Never assume that just because you would never sexually abuse a client that you won’t ever be accused of it and sued over it. The ideal amount for this type of coverage is $100,000 per incident, and you may also require products liability insurance as well – at least $1,000,000.

Where to Find Trustworthy Fitness Instructor Insurance

While you can purchase fitness instructor insurance through just about any insurance company, the best way to purchase this coverage is through a group plan. Group plans are offered through a wide range of fitness organizations, and these group plans are specifically for trustworthy fitness instructor insurance options. The IDEA Health and Fitness Association offers such group insurance plans, and they are very affordable, but other fitness organizations also offer group insurance plans for fitness instructors, and it will be a good idea to compare plans for the best price with the best coverage.

You may also be able to obtain insurance through your employer. Even if the employer doesn’t cover your liability insurance, they may have group rates worked out with an insurance company for all of their instructors. Be sure to ask about this.

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