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Trouble Tightening Midsection

Posted Jan 08 2009 4:19pm

Hi for years I have had problems reducing the size of my stomach. I have a wide bloated stomach. I recently did a 2 month colonic from Dr. Natura and changed my diet according to Paul Chek’s How to eat move and be healthy. I look and feel much better, but now I have a question. For years all I do was crunches, side crunches, leg lifts, flutter kicks, etc. My primary concern is a solid, tight midsection to protect my internal organs and support my bad back. My other concerns are having healthy knees (much needed for day to day life) and bigger forearms and calves (vanity).
Ok here is the question. If I have extra time and want to do something for my stomach, what should I focus on? I was planning on doing to 4 point tummy Vacuum every other day if not everyday. Also how much ab work is too much?

This is a valid question and a question of many. It sounds to me that you are doing plenty for your midsection. At the same time, the 4pt Tummy is great because it targets primarily the TVA (transverse abdonminus) which is a stabilizer, but also helps to pull the organs in. So yes that i a good choice. But remember, according to our approach, exercise is important but maybe it is about 10-20% of the health equation.

When wanting a flatter midsection, here are my thoughts according to what you put up above:
1. I would continue to educate yourself and practice the principles in Paul’s book
2. I would purchase Flatten Your Abs Forever by Paul Chek and you will see the other side of the coin
3. The physical body is an external representation of the internal bodies. So the questions are, have you been asssessed subjectively and objectively by a a CHEK HLC pracittioner? If not, I would recommend that as it is a wise investment.
4. Have you had kids either vaginally or c-section? If either, this will influence the tone of your midsection. C-section will inhibit all the inner unit (”core”) muscles that support your back and keep your organs in, etc. If vaginally, most have an ipesiotomy, which inhibits the pelvic floor……which is on the same neurological pathway as the TVA (major “core” muscle).
5. You have or had bloating. This is commonly from food intolerances, gluten intolerance, medications, taking too many supplements no matter how good they are, other external stressors, as well commonly from fungal, parasitic and bacterial infections. Yes you have had colonics, which are in my opinion about 25% affective. They also, from my standpoint, can and do create leaky gut syndrome and wipe out all good bacteria as well.

I would:

a. Do a food intolerance lab test (90 Antigen from Metametrix) to see all the foods you are intolerant to. As well, I would eliminate all soy, dairy, gluten, salt, sugar foods for at least 90 days.

b. I would run a stool lab (401h from Biohealth) to see if you have any fungal, parasitic or bacterial infections that are causing bloating and a less than optimal tight midsection. Colonics WILL NOT eliminate these. Commonly, all 3 can cause bloating.

Hope this helps. Feel free to email me if you have questions or want to set up a consult to see how all this works, how it can be done long distance or if you need some more direction.

Joshua Rubin
CHEK 4, HLC 3, Golf
CHEK Faculty and PPS Mentor

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