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Triphala extract & homeopathic remedy

Posted by Susan Harris

I am taking the homeopathic remedy Argentum Nitricum.  Subsequently it was suggested to me to take Triphala extract, but I am concerned that the herbs are contraindicated for a homeopathic remedy.  Can you tell me if it is ok to take both of them?

Thank you.


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Hi Susan,

 Triphala isn't technically contraindicated with homeopathics in the sense that it most likely will not antidote (ie. undo) them.  But depending on what you are using the Arg Nit for, it may not be a good idea to take the Triphala.

If you tell me a bit more, I can make my answer more specific: Who prescribed the Arg Nit and Triphala to you? Was it a practitioner? The same one for both?

In Good Health, 

 Tina Christie ND

Generally,  herbal formulas work well with homeopathic medicines when when the herbs are prescribed to nourish or strengthen the body. The only time that herbal extracts are contraindicated, is when they are recommended to suppress symptoms.  In such instances the herbal extract fights against the actions of the homeopathic medicine.

I would need to know more about your case and your symptoms to make a definitive recommendation, but Triphala is an Ayurvedic formula that typically does not interfere with homeopathic prescriptions.  

Dr Lauri Grossman DC CCH RSHom(NA)

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