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Trigeminal Neuralgia

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:54pm 1 Comment

Well here are my thoughts and what has worked very well for clients of mine. The Trigeminal nerve is the 5 th CN and supplies sensation to the face. There are 3 divisions, the ophthalmic (V1), maxillary (V2) and madibular (V3). Besides senation, they also innervate the massetar, temporalis, med/lat pterydoid, tensor vali palatini, mylohyoid, digastric and tensor tympani. There are some schools of thought that believe that CN5 becomes impinged when leaving the cranium or with TMJ issues. I would find a CHEK Level 3 or higher to refer them to in order to get a full upper quarter assessment from. This might help pin the tail in the donkey. I have seen NMT help, as well as stress reduction techniques that you would now as an NLC. From the west side of it, Trigeminal Neuralgia is created by extreme stress. I have found this to be true, from lifestyle stress all the way to parasitic stress. But besides my exercise, rehab and nutritional programs, what has helped the most is acupuncture, of course. I know I always go this route, but it works. In TCM, we believe that Trigeminal Neuralgia is from an external invasion of a wind cold, wind heat, toxic heat in the channels, and chronic qi (dull, distending, wandering pain, that comes and goes with emotions) and blood stagnation (fixed, stabbing, chronic pain). From my experience, people typically create this with chronic stress, then sleeping with the windows open or a fan on the face, then driving with the windows open on a very hot, cold or windy day. So each one compounds the next and then you have trigeminal neuralgia.

Joshua Rubin

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This Dr is talking nonsense in my nexperience, it is NOT ALWAYS from outside forces and the damage is comin from inside which makes the nerve over react to outside stimuli. This Dr and many like him make Neuralgia patients feel they are to blame for this wicked condition when they are not so please please think before you make wild claims of stress causing Tri Gem. Damaged nerves from pressing bloodvessels case tri gem, I should know had it both sides but the scan will not always pick this up. Micro Vascualr Decompressions are very successful IOhave had two and both worked! May I ask gthat you please do not convince yourself and tgry to convince others that this is a condition casued by stress, it is NOT, pumping vessels may well have damaged gthe myelin sheath of hte nerve if the bvessels run too close, two neursurgoens who dealt with me can't be wrong but believe me the four years previous going to numerous doctors like you made me suicidal more than the excrutiating pain! Keep looking carefully for the physiological reason, you will find it and stop putting the blame on the patients lifestyle, 1 on 45,000 people get TN EVERYONE GETS STRESS.
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