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Treatment of Arthritis in Cats and Dog Arthritis

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:39pm 1 Comment
Older pets and the larger breeds of dog can suffer from inflammation of the joints causing stiffness, swelling and pain, which in turn can cause them to limp.

Cats are less likely to need treatment of arthritis, as this painful condition is less common in cats and the symptom less severe. However animals who have had an accident and suffered physical trauma, or who have nutritional deficiencies, can be affected.

Nutritional support is an essential part of any treatment of arthritis. This involves a healthy diet and a flaxseed oil supplement. The fatty acids in the oil help to prevent inflammation and lubricate joints.

Make sure you pet has a comfortable, supportive warm bed. You can use a memory foam pillow in the base with a warm fleece cover and a blanket. The bed should be kept in a dry, warm room away from drafts.

A supplement of Glucosamine sulphate, a substance naturally found in the joints, can ease pain and inflammation and help to repair joints.

Detoxing with powdered freeze-dried barley grass is a rich source of chlorophyll and an excellent treatment of arthritis. It provides a gentle cleansing program to help prevent cell damage.

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For our dog, we found the Dr. Max Powers "Joint Suppory + Vitamin B12" worked wonders!!

This provided the best price on a therapeutic dose of glucosamine. We looked far and wide for a product that had the recommended doses of glucosamine and condroitin. This has worked wonders helping our dog live with arthritis.

She still has some minor symptoms - but these pills have made a HUGE difference for our dog..

For anyone looking for an economic solution to joint problems, this is a great way to go.  They were recommended by our veterinarian as a great alternative to those expensive dog, they have worked MUCH better....we are so much happier now!

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