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Treating and Avoiding Heat Stroke

Posted Jul 14 2010 5:58pm

thermometer thumb Treating and Avoiding Heat Stroke Today in Minnesota, we had a heat advisory. In the afternoon, the heat index climbed to 108 degrees. It was absolutely miserable. You know it’s bad when your glasses fog as soon as you walk out of the house.

Since this information is available to you, use it. Get heat advisory alerts on your cell phone with or a mobile application such as . If you know the weather will be an issue, you can make good choices for your daily activities.

The combination of heat and humidity can create conditions in which you may find it hard to exercise or just breath while stationary. The increase of air moisture reduces the amount of oxygen you receive with each breath. Therefore, you have to breathe harder in order to get the same amount of oxygen into your body.

The symptoms of heat distress are dizziness, fatigue, increased heart rate and breathing, according to the . Left untreated, it could lead to serious health issues.

It is essential to restore your body temperature to its proper level. Cool water and ice can be lifesavers. You can help yourself cool off by applying either to your wrists, back of your neck, armpits, or groin.

The best solution is prevention. Know when the temperature will create stressful conditions. Maybe that is the day you can catch up on your housework or extra reading.

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