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Transition into Passion~ What's ...

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:38pm

Transition into Passion
~ What's Ahead for Lightworkers ~

Beacons of Light: July 2008

From Steve:

This message was a recap of what is directly ahead. They said that moving our experiences from the time line is the next step in evolution. The began with “Dear Creators” and went on to say that a Sexual Energy activation is ahead. This is different from the Infusion of which they spoke recently. The said that Sexual Energy is what happens when the soul is firmly connected to the body. That lets more light through your body and it is felt as sexual energy. In this message they told for the first time their knowledge as to when the soul actually enters the body and how the body is allowing the brain to grow back together rather than to be separated into the two lobes. They group says the veil exists between the two lobes of your brain and the rewire is closing that gap. That, according to the group, is also closing the gap between Heaven and Earth.

Big Hugs and gentle nudges.

Steve Rother

Greetings from Home.

Dear creators, we are here to help reflect your energy, to re-member who you are, why you came here, and what you had in mind for yourself as a soul. The veil you wear has perplexed humanity lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime.

The energy of Home is within each and every one of you, yet it so hard for you to re-member.

When you hear music and re-member Home. You see beauty and re-member Home. You feel love and re-member Home. That is re-membering Home, but how do you walk in that feeling every day? How does that become part of your daily life where you can take these tools and use them in a conscious way?

That is the direction you are moving. It is fine to meditate, connect with the higher self, and channel. It is even fine to open the door for your spirit to elevate both your body and spirit. Yet, you live as you walk on your physical feet and as you go through your daily life.

Dear creators, it is your own belief systems that supersede your reality and your own creations. They overshadow much of what your magic is truly about. That is beginning to change. It is changing because of your newfound elevation and higher vibration. Your hearts have been ignited.

The Re-Wiring of Humanity

There is much happening now with your physical bodies. The veil, itself, exists between the two hemispheres of your brain.

Now there is a general re-wiring occurring throughout all of humanity.

The process is actually helping to bring back together that which was separated to create the illusion of polarity on the gameboard. You no longer need polarity. You are learning to see things in a field of triality instead of duality, instead of just light and dark or good and bad. You are now balancing that with a new vision from the higher self. You can now see such beauty for it is new; it is your own reflection that you are beginning to see. Let us share some of the things directly ahead, the energies and ideas that will be happening as you step forward.

The re-wire of humanity will unfold over time.

New synaptic pathways forming between the brain's right and left hemispheres will eventually grow the two lobes together. You will no longer need to have one part of your brain as infinite and the other part as finite. The new connection to your own higher self will facilitate this, and you will start to carry more of the energy of Home in your physical being. Your bodies are being re-wired to allow you to carry more Light.

The challenge many of you have is that as you raise your vibration, you constantly desire more things to raise your vibration. Sometimes, dear ones, you get ahead of yourself and you do not know where to go. It is easier than you think. Your heart knows the way, so just trust and follow it.

Those who are racing ahead to be the first ones there are going to find out that when they arrive it may be very lonely. Yes, you can be the first one to the top of the ladder if you choose, or you can be the one at the bottom of the ladder pushing everybody else up. Wherever you are on the ladder, understand that you have come to help raise the collective vibration of humanity and it is working.

You do not always see it; you will not get to see your results most of the time. Like the hundredth monkey, it comes out of nowhere and all of a sudden everybody is using the same language and speaking the same ideas. Many of the concepts we have introduced show up in daily conversation even now.

It is important to help you re-member that you came here to have a human experience, not to ascend. Ascending is easy. You just die, which is no problem and fairly simple to do. Yes, humans are afraid of death, but you understand that the soul welcomes it all the same. The soul has no fear about leaving; it has its greatest fear with birth, yet humans have no fear about birth. They think it is wonderful and celebrate it the same way we celebrate your coming Home when we once again have you in our arms. We will wrap you in our angel wings and say, "Welcome Home!" That is now happening while you are still on Earth. Welcome Home, dear ones.

Sexual Energy Activation

In order to keep you grounded we told you there would be a sexual energy infusion into the physical body. It is the life-force energy—light coming into the body. The way we define sexual energy is simple: when the spirit is thoroughly connected to he physical body, you shine more light through the body and that we see as sexual energy. There has been an infusion of sexual energy which is continuing on this planet. That is the sexual energy infusion. There will also be a sexual energy activation that will begin soon. It is nothing to fear, as it is simply your light coming through the body. It happens through your eyes and your smile. It happens through your heart just connecting to other people.

We are not here to teach you how to be angels, dear ones, as you already know how to do that.

We are here trying to help you do something that nobody has ever done before--ever--in any Game. You are beginning to carry the huge amounts of energy from Home in your physical body while you walk around every day. Once this energy is activated you will see many new relationships to sexual energy.

It is for that reason that we suggest you get comfortable with sexual energy and clear any restrictions or blockages you have in these areas.

Removing Your Experiences from the Timeline

Let us share some of the simple things, the ideas that humans wrestle with. You understand that you are playing with the illusion of a timeline. You think there is a past, present and future when actually only one of those is real; the other two are illusions. The past is nothing more than a memory and the future is only a potential.

There is only this moment.

That is what you are learning and starting to do. As you start removing everything in your experience from the illusion of a timeline, you begin thinking differently. Your left brain puts everything into the illusion of a timeline. Now that is beginning to lessen because there is no longer a need for the separation. There is nothing that needs to be defined in those terms. If you want to bring Home here now, do it with your smile. Do it with your sexual energy, your words, or your music. Dare
to be the Human Angels walking with a vast amount of your own energy in your physical body, while sharing it with others. That is Home, right now. That is where you are moving toward.

We, as angels on the other side of the veil, jump up and down in excitement about this! As you try to figure yourselves out, you want to understand everything in its relationship to a timeline. You even want to know exactly when the spirit enters the physical body, which is a great debate on planet Earth. It is interesting that nobody has ever asked us that question. We will answer that today.

When Does the Spirit Enter the Body?

Dear ones, even after birth the soul can change. Actually, it happens all the time. A soul enters the body 27 months before the physical body is even formed. You sit on your mother or your father's shoulder--your primary parental contract--for 27 months so you can see how everything is going to relate, and how your energies are going to work out together. Then you jump in and the last nine months you form a physical being. Is your spirit in that physical being?

Yes, partially. But that little body, so very close to Home, simply cannot carry that much light. It takes time to adapt the physical body to be able to carry the energy from Home. Even with all the innocence you see in the baby, with all the beauty and the brightness, the spirit cannot fully attach for several years and filters in over a period of time. It is not actually until they start connecting with their own sexual energy that the physical being becomes a holder for all the spiritual energy it will hold during that lifetime.

It is actually not until the beginning of puberty that the spirit fully enters the body. That is when you see the light of Home; that is why it carries the sexual energy from Home. It carries the excitement of life. That is when you start bringing people to you and start connecting in many different ways. That is when your friendships form that you carry the rest of your life. That is when your knowledge really begins to anchor in.

These are the times you start evolving as a spirit pretending to be human.

This is a special time on Earth, dear ones. It has never happened before. You have already taken the Game far beyond the highest potential the you scripted for yourself in the very beginning. Soon you will pass another that was meant to end the Game and mark the very end. However, it is not an end but rather a birth of light in the physical body. Is it important for you to raise your vibration? Yes. We hope you also go out and play. We hope you skin your knees. We hope you have wrinkle lines from laughing so hard, because those are the human experiences you wanted to have. Even pain will be welcomed as a unique human experience. That is what brings Heaven to Earth.

No More Closet Lightworkers!

There is a lot coming, dear ones. You are capable of all of it and more. The magic within each one of you is so great! If we showed you only a piece of it you would be scared and say, "Oh no. That is not me…" If only we could show you just a little glimpse, it would give you the courage and confidence to step forward and just be you, allowing yourself to make "mistakes"—as you call them. Step out and put it into forward motion. You can figure out the path later, for it is the forward motion that begins the ripple effect of movement.

This is the time, dear one. Honor it.

Lightworkers are going through challenges. There will be a commonality with many of you leading the way vibrationally. There will people who move, change jobs, change relationships, re-define relationships, form new gatherings, make new friends. Now is the time for you, as healers on the planet Earth to form your infrastructure that will now begin to support you as you step into what you really came here to do.

It can not wait any longer; there will be no more closet Lightworkers. It is now time. We see your light and we will not let you hide it any longer.

Move in the Direction of Your Passion

The energy of Home seen through your eyes, your smile and your hugs--that is what you came here to do. Find a use for that today and you will create Home right now. Smile, laugh, and hug each another. With all the might in Heaven you can do something that we cannot—you can hug each other. Touch each other with the memories of Home, with the light of the angelic being that inhabits these physical bodies. As you step forward, the miracles start to unfold.

It is going to happen on an ever-quickening basis on planet Earth. Yes, there will be fear. We can guarantee it. Yes, there will be people who do not know how to handle it. And yes, there will even be people who try to control it and manipulate it. That is uniquely human and yet, it is still the energy of Home and it is still Heaven on Earth. It will shine through you if you let it.

No, you do not have to know exactly where your passion is. All you have to know is the direction. If it is not this way, maybe it is this way.

Follow your heart. That is all you need and you will begin to transition into passion and it is under way on planet Earth right now.

You are entering the Age of E, the age of Empowerment. Empower yourself and those around you and Heaven will be here today.

It is the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect.
Nurture one another every chance you get. Re-member that it is a beautiful Game
you are playing and Play well together.


The group

Connecting the Heart
By Barbara Rother

Face to the Sun

I am a born optimist. I have always prided myself with this attitude. Don't think that I don't have down times. I do, but I usually bounce back to a happier mood.

The early years of my life were so optimistic that I blocked out any thoughts of negativity all together.

I was also really good at denial.

If I ran across anything that might bring me seriously down I would try to lighten the situation. In this way I could take time to process my thoughts and my emotions. This way of living caught up with me in my early thirties. With Steve's encouragement I went to see a counselor. Remember, I was one who denied problems and was stamped with a family who never discussed their problems with anyone. I loved my family but they were not ones to deal with open communication.

It is rewarding to look back at my life and see how I have grown in all areas. I feel so fortunate that when I married Steve that I also came into his family who were open with their feelings and truly supported each other. I learned with their encouragement and especially with Steve's, to step into my power and acknowledge who I truly am. Every day I am enjoying the process of understanding the many different levels of my personality. Just when I think I've got me figured out, I go through a major spiritual growth spurt. It's hard to keep up with myself!

Today when I first look at any situation I know I have a choice as to how I perceive it. I still carry my positive attitude but I approach it with balance. I like the description of life being like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs, twist and turns and it always keeping us in a fast motion. You can grip the rail that is holding you tight in your seat, scream with fear the whole ride and feel sick and scared. Or you can wave your hands in the air while you yell with joy and laughter. I see life as an adventure.

I feel very blessed with my life. I have so much to be thankful for. Remember it is important to enjoy the highs in our life and learn from the lows. There will be times of a straight easy track but that doesn't seem to last too long as changes are always presenting themselves. One of my favorite sayings from Steve and the group is "It's not about the destination it's about enjoying the journey, enjoy the ride".

I came across this beautiful saying. It is a Maori proverb.

Turn your face to the sun
And the shadows
Fall behind you.

With Love and Light,


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