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Torii: The Gateway Be willing to...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:23pm

Torii: The Gateway

Be willing to walk a spiritual path. Make preparations for the next part of your spiritual journey. Strengthen yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Become willing to trust and move in faith.

The concept of torii is as ancient as Japan itself. The torii is a gate that marks the entrance to the sacred grounds of a Shinto shrine and indicates that the area inside is sacred space. It can be made of all kinds of materials, from unpainted trees to stone or even concrete. The styles of torii vary with the diverse variety of rituals and ideas included in the Shinto shrine worship.

In spiritual terms, when you pass through a door or a gate, you change into spirit form and the gateway protects and shelters your spirit from harm. A gate is a seat of wisdom and signifies new opportunities for spiritual renewal. In Archetypal Reiki, we use the concept of the torii as an initiation entrance and a signal to ourselves that we must enter an altered state of consciousness in order to perform our ritual graciously.

Within this archetype are two poles, willingness and willfulness. Whenever we do spiritual work, we must prepare our personalities to cross a threshold into another state of consciousness. We must be willing to move into the spirit realm. The will, or willpower, is the executive of the personality. It carries out or executes what we understand to be right or good or true. Willingness means choice, volition. It is based on trust. If we trust, then we surrender. And what we surrender is our willpower. We give our power to God/Spirit/Source.

If we attempt to do our spiritual work in an ordinary state of consciousness, we will not be prepared for the changes that come with devotion. To make progress, we must be willing to move into the spiritual realm. We cannot cling stubbornly to old ways and old understandings or refuse to accept new truths. To succeed in our spiritual work, we must not be willful or unreasoningly obstinate.

Spiritual understanding rises up from within through intuition and inspiration. Like any task on the earthly plane, willingness is often gained by loosening our stubborn hold on things and preparing for our journey.

EXERCISE: You need to gather together what you need for your journey. This can be done symbolically or physically. If your journey is to be on the physical level, you might want to search out a spiritual retreat or a spiritually directed tour. These can be found in any of the New Age or metaphysical magazines. If your work is to be done symbolically, your willingness is indicated when you work with your deck.

AFFIRM with feeling: "As I gather together what I need to prepare for my spiritual journey, I ask for willingness and trust from my spirit masters and guides. Thank you."


* Go to the place within you where your inner self dwells. Allow this inner self to bask in the light of spiritual understanding, of what you understand to be right and true at this point in time. If, for example, you have been programmed to believe that might makes right (or some other such concept), you now have come to understand that this is an untruth. You must now exercise your will to manifest in the world another idea: the idea that what is right and true will prevail in the material world because it is based on spiritual principles that transcend mere matter.

* You see before you a torii, an entranceway into the spiritual realm. Your knees feel weak, you perspire and you tremble a little. You realize that, once you pass through the entranceway, you will never be the same. You know that you must use your will to move your feet. You are so frightened because you do not know what you will become. Yet you willingly use the tools that you've learned through your Reiki energy work with the healing symbols. You pray, ask for guidance, you meditate and ask for willingness. You feel humble and reverent.

* Something releases deep within you and you know you have achieved the willingness to proceed on your spiritual journey.

* You move through the gateway. You give thanks for the new opportunity.

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