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Too Much? Too Little? – Restoring Organizational Balance

Posted Jul 31 2012 8:00am

When was the last time you suffered a stomach ache? Or limped on a sore foot? Or experienced a flutter in your heartbeat?

When we are ill, our first impulse is to find out what is causing the “dis-ease” so that we can regain our health. Some health care providers offer quick fix solutions that address the symptoms, but may not contribute to our well-being as a whole human being.

Skillful wellness professionals look beneath the surface, beyond the “presenting” symptoms to discover what is out of balance within the body. Perhaps we have a shortage of an essential nutrient like potassium. Or maybe we’re carrying unnecessary weight. By adding what we have too little of and letting go of what we have too much of, balance is restored. We once again become healthy, functioning souls.

In organizations, the equivalent of a stomach ache is a conflict between two team members. And missed deadlines hurt like sore feet. And low morale may indicate something is wrong in the heart of the organization.  What if we were to look past the symptoms to explore what is the root cause of the dysfunction? What if something is out of balance in our organization?

  • What is it that we have too little of?
  • What do we have too much of?

One day, one of our coaching clients came to us asking for help with his hiring strategy. He was experiencing far too much turnover on his team and wanted to know what he could do differently. We were more than happy to give him some tips on good recruitment techniques. But we knew we also needed to ask some deeper questions. When we got to the end of the conversation, he recognized that what his team needed was more attention from him. He had experienced some painful losses in his personal life that were preventing him from becoming emotionally engaged with his team. Too much unresolved grief. Not enough connection.

Our prescription was a program of self-care so that he could release the emotions of loss and free up energy to re-engage with his team. 

  • What  symptoms is your organization “presenting”?
  • What are these symptoms trying to get your attention about?
  • Where are the imbalances in your organization?

When you have too little of something, look for what you have too much of. When you release it, balance and health will be restored.

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