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Tone and Slim your Body Contours with a Relaxing Seaweed Wrap

Posted Dec 13 2009 12:14am 7 Comments
Perhaps your high school reunion is coming up and you want to look good in front of your old high school sweetheart or nemesis. The best way to accomplish this is to lose a few pounds, right? A body seaweed wrap can help you achieve quick results. Not only can seaweed be healthy for you but it can also melt a few inches away, leaving you looking more toned and slim. Results are temporary but you can repeat seaweed wraps occasionally.

Seaweed Wrap

Beneficial Ingredients in a Seaweed Wrap

There are different varieties of seaweed which provide a host of nutrients that are quite beneficial for your health. Seaweed is actually algae and can be found in different colors, each one providing varying levels of copper, iodine, zinc, potassium, iron and calcium in addition to vitamins, amino acids and other minerals. The seaweed, through osmosis, absorbs these nutrients from the ocean water which makes it easy for your body to absorb them too.

Advantages of a Seaweed Wrap

The goal of a seaweed wrap originally is to cleanse and detoxify your body. Your lifestyle is fraught with toxins from pollution, additives from food and personal products and even cleaning agents. These toxins build up and cause fatigue and various ailments. The nutrients in the seaweed help draw out these toxins.

The surprising and attractive side benefit of the seaweed wrap is the fact that it can also shrink fat cells and flush away fatty deposits close to the surface of the skin. Because of this side benefit, seaweed wraps are now often used to melt away a few inches of fat as a quick weight loss solution.

Of course, seaweed wraps are also quite beneficial for your skin too. They promote elasticity, smooth away the bumps in cellulite and even promote a healthy glow to your skin.

What Happens During Your Seaweed Wrap Session

Massage therapists or estheticians in spas typically apply seaweed wraps. The session starts with body exfoliation, usually through a salt scrub or even dry brushing. You lie down on sheets, plastic or some other material that will eventually be wrapped around your body.

The seaweed solution is mixed and applied to your body using a brush. Next, you are wrapped up in the material you are laying on, much like a cocoon so that the seaweed solution stays moist and warm. After 20 to 30 minutes, this body wrap is then rinsed off. After drying your body with a soft towel, lotion is applied to moisturize your skin.

Something to Keep in Mind

If you are claustrophobic, a full body seaweed wrap may cause undue stress. However, you can ask that your arms not be bound during the wrap to lessen your anxiety. Iodine sensitivity or sensitivity to high traces of any other minerals may preclude you from experiencing a seaweed wrap too.

While you should not rely on a seaweed wrap as an alternate weight loss tool, it can help in a pinch if you just want to look a few pounds slimmer. Try seaweed wraps once or twice a month to melt a few inches and improve skin health. The nutrients in the wrap can even help you with other health issues like fatigue and sluggish circulation.

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