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Tips to Finding the Best Beauty Therapy Insurance

Posted May 06 2010 5:49am

Beauty therapy is very important to use as a society. How we look plays a vital role in how we act, what we do, and in how others perceive us. Regardless of the valuable service that is offered, things can go wrong, and you can get sued as a beauty therapy specialist. For this reason, you need to find the best beauty therapy insurance that you can get.

Tips to Finding the Best Beauty Therapy Insurance

The Importance of Having Beauty Therapy Insurance

Not all products work the same on all people. As a beauty therapist, you will use countless products, and sometimes, those products will cause problems. You could turn a clients hair green or turn their skin bright orange. A product could get into the clients eyes and cause damage. Your scissors could slip cutting off too much hair, or causing injury to the skin or scalp. Things can go wrong, regardless of how skilled you are.

When things like this happen, some clients will demand their money back, which usually isn’t a problem for you. However, there will be those clients who will sue you for damages – and for this, you need insurance coverage. In order to obtain insurance such as this, you will typically need to prove that you are a licensed operator – otherwise, insurance will not be issued to you, as the risk for the insurance company would be considered to be too great.

What to Look for in a Beauty Therapy Insurance Policy

First, you need liability insurance for beauticians. This type of insurance will protect you in the event that a client is injured, and even if a client dies due to injuries that can be somehow connected to your service. This insurance will also cover the property of your clients, such as their clothing, handbag, eyeglasses, or shoes.

You also need Professional Indemnity Insurance. This is not the same as liability insurance, which covers your actions. Indemnity insurance covers any advice that you give. For example, if you advise a client to wash his or her hair with a certain product, and that product damages them in some way, you can be held responsible for that advice, and indemnity insurance protects you. E & O Insurance, or Errors and Omissions Insurance, is also important, and in some cases is included with the indemnity insurance – but you need to make absolutely sure of this.

If you employ other people in your beauty salon – even if you rent them space – you need employer’s liability insurance. This does not cover anything that they may do that causes client harm. Instead, it covers you in the event that your employees or renters are injured or killed in your place of business. You will need to insure that they have their own coverage against client damage.

Because beauty therapy does require an actual place of business, where clients arrive for services in most cases, you will also need to make sure that you have liability insurance for your property, in case a client is injured. This insurance covers you in the event that the damage is not caused directly by you. For example, if a client slips on the wet floor, this insurance will cover that, while your professional liability and indemnity insurance will not.

Make sure that your insurance policy will cover you for legal expenses and other expenses that are related to any claims filed against you. Not all insurance policies include this, so you will want to ask your insurance agent. Remember that in the event that someone makes a claim against you or your establishment, it is in the best interest of the insurance company to fight the claim, and this requires legal representation for you and for them.

You may also want to consider insurance coverage for claims of sexual abuse and discrimination. Just because you don’t do these things does not mean that someone won’t claim that you did – and you need protection. Make sure that coverage for all insurance meets the states requirements in terms of limits.

How to Find the Best Beauty Therapy Insurance

You can purchase beauty therapy insurance through any insurance company that insures businesses. Some insurance companies will offer packages that include all coverage needed by a beauty operator or beauty therapist, and typically, that package will automatically include everything required by your state in terms of insurance coverage. Most packages can also be customized to suit your particular circumstances or needs.

However, this may not be the best deal in terms of cost. Check with all of the beauty therapy associations that you are a member of to see what they offer in terms of group insurance. If you take this option, you will most likely save money, but you will need to make absolutely sure that you are meeting the requirements for your state as well.

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